MG 1/100 Infinite Justice

This post is not a review, this is just to show you guys what I’ve finished before I built this blog. I couldn’t do a review because I failed to take snapshots from the start, making a review is not worthy.

My mission in doing this, one of my most favorite kits out there, is to make it according to my liking. I want it to be as close as its anime counterpart and make it better than that. I will put some decal,s but definitely not all. I disliked putting “warning” signs for some reason.

First thing to do is to paint the joints to chrome. As seen in the pic below.

I painted them separately. I must warn you though that though this method is advisable, I recommend masking the slits, holes and ball joints as the paint could clog this parts and it’ll be VERY HARD to move the frame. If that happens, there is a high chance that they’ll break. If not, they’ll be very STIFF.

Not all the silver parts are painted with chrome. I only painted the joints. For the external armors, I painted them with Mica Silver.

They are great I must say. Try putting Tamiya Clear (Pearl Clear) finish and it’ll really look great.

I just sanded down the external armor. I didn’t bother painting them, it’ll be a waste of time. I just topcoated them with Mr. Super Clear (gloss) so that it’ll be easier for me to panel line and put the decals.

Looks messy right? It’s the wind’s fault. Damn that wind, it doesn’t help me at all ARGH!

After putting the decals and the like. I’m so loving this kit that I don’t want to pose it anymore. I’m afraid that the paint in the joints will strip-off. I’m pretty satisfied on how it ended-up. Though panel lines are my worst enemy, looking at it from afar is so good. Just don’t zoom it in, LOL!

Seen its joints? Looks good right? Well, for pro modelers, it might not be, LOL!

I tried sanding down the parts that can scratch the paint of the joints. Be warned though, if you sand it too much, it might be too loose that you won’t be able to pose it well anymore.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied on how it looked. It’s one of my most favorite kits and I love how it turned out.

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