MG 1/100 Zaku II (J. Ridden’s) WIP part 3

Here it is! The legs and the feet

The waist unit’s kinda awesome. Looks like there are three slots wherein you can peg things. I’m still not quite sure what purpose does the back hole serve.

The feet are cute. It has an extra articulation and I find it cute, weird huh? Anyway, it has pistons in the front and the back making it lovely.

Oh ghad! The legs, it really took most of my energy. Basically, I’ve spent 8 whole hours just to finish everything, well including the feet and the waist units. But really, just looking at the pic, you’ll immediately know how hard I built this one. Nubs in each piece of the energy tube is the task I’ve been doing ever since making the torso and the head units. I didn’t bother cleaning the nubmarks in the tiny beads. I really really admire people who’s willing to clean each and every bead there. I have a large hand that’s why I find it difficult, plus, I feel to lazy just by looking at it.

Good thing, I was able to finish the kit itself.

Tomorrow, I’m targeting to finish all of its weapons. He has four, but it might take a while because there are mainly two runners you need to build them.


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