GET! Leopard-D get..

I’m very very happy in getting this kit. FYI, this kit is discontinued, meaning Bandai doesn’t produce anymore of this. I bought this for about 1198 PHP. Considering its age, it’s expensive. It should be less than 1k. But, I still bought it because of the fact I mentioned earlier. I know this kit will make me work hard. But hey, it’s WORTH IT! I don’t think Bandai will make an MG of this. Gundam X is still possible, but kits beside it is something I can’t see even 20 years from now.

Will do this probably after MG Epyon. Next week, I’ll be doing Cherudim as its my entry for Bandai Model Kit 2011. So it will take time before doing this one. I’m also having problems on what type of paint to use T_T


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