Toycon 2011 LOOTS!

I have attended the 10th anniversary of Toycon 2011 here in the Philippines. My only purpose in coming is to buy some rare gundam wares and take advantage of the shops that were on sale. Unfortunately, they aren’t on sale. The prices are the same, though you can haggle for the prices. Another unfortunate incident is that I haven’t really took advantage of “haggling” since I didn’t know it initially and got to know that later after I got home. I wasn’t able to get a rare piece there, instead I got it in Greenhills (GH) which aren’t on sale. What I got are two models that aren’t on sale and just have 200-300php discount.

The only good thing about me going there is that I was able to get two models, one MG and an HG. I got the Hg 1/100 Maxter from GH, which I was also happy about since it’s the last piece in that shop and you won’t be able to see this guy just anywhere.

I can’t build Char Zaku yet since I don’t have its water slide decals yet. I don’t want to build Gundam Maxter yet, just because it’s ONE HELL HARD of a piece to build since I have to seal almost everything and I don’t have the space to do it. The only feasible thing for me to do is the Reborns Gundam, but since I have way too many backlogs (SD Sinanju, SD Destiny and Cherudim), it’s still not possible.

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