HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam WIP (Part 1)

I have so many things in my WIP and even more in my backlogs. But here I am, doing again, yet another kit.

But no worries, I’m not going to topcoat it just yet nor will seal any seamline. My aim is just to straightly build it for fun and to kill sometime.

A you can see, I’ve finished doing the torso, arms, shoulders and the head. So far, my nitpicks are:

1. Seamlines – it’s everywhere. You might be wondering on why I’m such a hater of seamlines, specially that you really can’t expect much from an HG 1/144 kit. Well, my first 3 00 kits are in the Exia line (1/100 Astrea type-f2, MG Exia (trans-am) and HG Qan[T]). Those kits only have minimal seamline. That’s why I expected that ALL 00 kits won’t have much seamlines. I guess was wrong.

2. Yellow stickers – not really an eye sore, but it’s something  that can be done y’know.

3. Clear pieces – should be in proper color right?

Even though I’ve got small nitpicks, this kit still looks great. Everything fits well, design’s great and no major complaints…SO FAR

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