MG 1/100 Gundam Epyon WIP (Part 1)

I really wanted to finish this kit as soon as I got this. However, it didn’t happen because of multiple reasons. Good thing though, I had some time last week and I was able to finish the kit, straight built, in just two whole days.

Yes, I already finished this kit, but for presentation purposes, I will split the WIP into two since this post should be released that day and not today. Only if my connection back then is as decent as today, then that would’ve happened.

As you can see on the pic, at the first day, I was able to finish the upper part, including the wings. But you won’t be able to see it in the picture. Reason is, when I finished up to this part already, I have some extra one hour vacant. I’m too excited about the wings because it has an extra gimmick that makes this MS badass!! So there, I decided to do the wing part, not knowing that it’s not that easy as I think it is. Wasn’t able to get a pic since I’m already tired and dead after that one.

Anyway, nitpicks:

1. Small torso – well of course, it should be right?

2. Shoulders – it’s weird that it’s attached on the arms unlike newer MGs. I’m not sure bout other wing series MGs though.

3. Wings – Could’ve been better if this part doesn’t contain any seamline you know? Specially the…

4. Head – It has an effing BIG ONE! I hate it, but that’s the only major headache you’ll be getting so no worries.

At the end of the day, I gathered this much nubs :))


Post for the second WIP coming up! 🙂

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