MG 1/100 Justice conversion (WIP)

It’s been a while since I updated this, that’s why I decided that it’s time to do so.

There’s this dumb thing I’ve done. You remember the front skirt I was doing? Well, I don’t know whether this is a fortunate or an unfortunate one, but the front skirt from NG Justice fits just right in IJ’s. Damn, I could’ve save a lot of time if I haven’t did the front skirt

I’ve scratch built the wing part, however, I have some doubts whether to use the original or just continue on what I started. I have a minor issue bout that, but isn’t really my focus right now. My focus is the waist unit. Next is the chest. Followed by the legs and feet, then the head and finally the bagpack. I’m not that worried about the waist unit. I’m confident that I will be able to finish it by this week, given that my package comes.

The greatest challenges for me, so far, is the bagpack and the legs. Maybe the bagpack isn’t that much since I’ll be using the same bagpack and will just extend the wings, but I’m planning to use the attachment of IJ’s bagpack to connect with it since it has the ability to hold it still. The legs is just, argh! So many things to do and probably gonna annoy me.

So far, I can only put the my updates into words. I’ll take a pic by tomorrow and will make sure to document the whole thing since this is my first.

Back Skirt

From the last pic, I’ve trimmed IJ’s to look like Justice’s. I’ve covered the panel lines, will redraw some in later. Then added some pla-plates on the side, and finally placed the thrusters, which I salvaged from IJ, LOL! They don’t look like Justice’s, but I can’t think of any to make it look like Justice’s. I’ve thought of just placing Justice’s. But I don’t quite like how it looks.

Side Skirts

I’ve salvaged the upper part of Justice’s and placed it on the top of IJ’s. I haven’t tried putting the beam saber inside, but I think that it will fit just fine. Well if not, I can always make some adjustments 🙂

Front Skirts

Fucked me 🙂

Waist – middle piece

I can’t believe that I missed this part. I mean, why haven’t I saw this at first? I could’ve done this the same time I’ve been doing the skirts. Oh man! But I think this will become fairly easy. My only problem is the thruster for it. I don’t think that I can salvage the part of Justice’s.

Basically, I saw some chunks out of the way. Unfortunately, I even slashed the holes that goes into the inner frame. Argh! Well, doesn’t really concern me since I’m confident enough that I’ll be able to put this even without that. Anyway, after that, I placed some pla-plates, to reshape it just like Justice’s. I’m really liking this part!!


Removed the vulcans for the upper and lower parts. I’ve puttied out the holes, of course. Added some pla-plates on the side. I’ve test fitted the thrusters I salvaged from Justice and it’s kinda loose. I’m still figuring on what to do, but I’ll first work on what I can.

I added a pla-plate in the middle, trying to copy Justice’s. Puttied inside, well, doesn’t have any importance. I just feel like putting some. I will work on the white part below it, which I think is kinda hard.

My main concern is the vulcans placed in the cover of the cockpit. I have no idea how to do it T_T

Pictures will be upped this week. PROMISE 🙂

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