NG 1/100 Justice WIP Part 1

Well, it’s been a while since my last review. It took me almost a month before another. I’ve been busy watching animes and doing my conversion for MG Justice.

Anyway, I’ve started doing my NG Justice and I’m confident enough to finish this within a day since I won’t be sanding nubmarks. I don’t need to do that extra work since I’ll be using its part in my MG Justice conversion. However, though I can finish it quickly, I didn’t because the sun is about to fall when I did the body. Tomorrow, I’ll be doing its bagpack and weapons.

Since I have already built this in the past, I have some familiarity in building this kit. I didn’t even refer too much in the instructions except of course the parts needed to be cut. The disappointment I have is of course, the amount of seamlines. I’m actually thinking if I’ll still be adding “seamline detected” section in its review since it’s literally everywhere. This could be the worst of all NGs I got so far

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