MG 1/100 Justice Conversion WIP (Part 1)

This is going to be my first and official post for my very ambitious project, the conversion of Justice into MG. At first, I’ve thought of using MG IJ as the main catalyst. However, I find it very difficult. If only I’m very good, considering that this is my first, then I should not make myself think too hard.

My goal is to create an MG of Justice. There are many factors why I’m doing this. They are as follows: It’s red, it has a VERY LOW chance of having an MG treatment and people have already done this. Personally, I don’t like this kit. But well, it’s the easiest so far, I think. I’ll make it as anime accurate as possible. Though I might skip some since, I’ll repeat, I’m a beginner.

Anyway, let’s move on with the build shall we?

First, I’ll do the waist part as it’s the easiest one. I’m planning to extend the side skirts a little bit, trim the back skirt, mod the crotch so that it can fit in NG Justice’s. Finally, I’ll simply use NG Justice’s front skirts sine it does fit anyway.

Next is the chest. as you can see, I’ve divided the whole front part into three, then I’ll modify the center one and extend it a little bit. I will not do any mods on the lower part though I should since I want it to be as anime accurate as possible. but I’m having doubts since it doesn’t really strike a big difference. However, the vents for the two units are different. It’s obvious if you really pay close attention to them. I’m thinking of skipping it, but something tells me that it’ll be easier than I think it will be. There’s a 80% chance that I’ll do it, so better stay tune to see if what I’ll do in the end.

Next is the leg part. What I’m planning to do here is to make the armor parts of NG Justice fit into Freedom’s inner frame. I’ll try to cut them, trim it under and put some pegs that will make them compatible. So far, what I did is I removed the thrusters and polycap beside the inner frame. I drilled a hole and trimmed the thruster of NG Justice so that it’ll fit perfectly. Well, I’m so proud that it did. OMG! I can’t believe that I didn’t do any measurement but still, things went perfectly. What really took a big blow to me is the armor parts. It really is tedious and I have to do many adjustments since I tried to split NG Justice’s armor parts into pieces and I didn’t do it perfectly. Anyway, I made sure that I separated them into sections that won’t make any seamlines. OH HELL YEAH, I’m such a genius, LOL! But still, I have many mistakes here and well, I have to do some putty work. I’m actually looking for a better putty. Better than Tamiya since Tamiya’s putty doesn’t really stick to the plastic well. I want something that really holds that it’s almost impossible to remove.

I actually had a mistake here since I’ve thought of doing a difficult kind of armor splicing, but I’ve though that it’s not practical since I’ll be cutting a curved line. Also, I accidentally removed the hole that will hold the polycap that is needed to hold the feet guards. For that, luckily, I have two NG Justice. One is painted and I used its armor parts to replace the wrong ones.

Now, what I did to the hands is trial and error. I had mistakes here, but luckily, nothing compared with my mistake doing the leg part. I tried to fit the armor part of Freedom’s arm and enclose it inside NG Justice’s. Looks weird, but don’t worry since I’m planning to refine it more.

Wow, I’m so proud that I did well with the feet. it’s practically done, but i still need to secure that the peg I’ve salvaged from MG Freedom can hold it well.

for the shoulders, I didn’t do anything fancy here. I’ve just trimmed Freedom’s and made it close to Justice’s. Well, not quite close but at least I can use its thrusters’ peg and attach it to Justice’s boomerang.

PS: Pictures will come soon. I’ about to sleep so it’ll take time. Maybe tomorrow 🙂

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