HG 1/100 Virsago Review

A very old kit, came out during 1996 and is pretty rare nowadays. Glad I was able to buy a brand new and not a built one. I almost bought a built one, thankfully I didn’t. I’m really hoping that this kit will get an MG, count how many times I’ve mentioned that inside the review, LOL! But we all know that MG X will come first.

This is a very awesome looking Gundam IMO. It’s strong, but I felt like it’s only strong in the beginning of the series. It’s got a not-so-amazing pilot which is an cyber-newtype but was classified as failure along with his brother. But nevertheless, they both lived-up to the name of worthy antagonists much like how Le Creuset did in Gundam Seed.

Enough with that crap, let’s go straight to the review. Without further a do, I present to you the review of HG 1/100 Virsago. Cheers!

2 Responses to “HG 1/100 Virsago Review”

  1. Siroh32 Says:

    I have a 1/144-scaled Virsago, now missing a few pieces, sports one or two broken ones, and the detailing I did has degraded, but is nevertheless intact. Even when it was completely intact, I never desired to review it for a personal reasons I won’t go into, and wonder why I still have it with me (let alone intact as it is). Now, oddly, I would give another one (if I had it) a review… *shrug* Simply put, though, it’s a typical 1/144 of it’s time, with the uniqueness of it being what would make Shenlong or Altron unique.

    • maknaedik Says:

      Seeing a review of it might be worth looking considering its age. I haven’t seen a review of it, except its upgraded version 1/144 Virsago Chest Breaker. Sad thing is that it doesn’t have a 1/100 counterpart.

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