GET! MG Trans-Raiser get..

It’s been a while since I posted something like this. Well, truth is I really got lazy these past few months. I thought it’s useless to post such things since I’m gonna make reviews of them anyway. But I figured that it doesn’t really beat the purpose of the review. It actually helps since you can anticipate what kits I’ll be reviewing.

Now, I present to you one of my haul for this month, my birth month, Novemeber. MG Trans-Raiser!

I find this haul special, it’s my most expensive and most anticipated kit of all (that got released this year). I was really happy getting this kit and was lucky to get a “discount”. for me, I wouldn’t really call it a discount. Story is I deposited 2000php in his bank account. Then, when my order arrived, I picked it up in his crib, then paid him the remaining balance. Unfortunately, I only handed out 6000php, which I’m supposed to give 6,500php. The reason why I don’t like deposit basis is because I keep on forgetting my remaining balance. Well, that’s my fault. As I’m already in the train, I received a text from my supplier saying that he let me off and even kind enough to give a freebie (Pringles with a 1/400 figure, that is a mono-colored Zaku with a sniper, I think. It’s similar to what I bought at HLJ) even though I paid less since he noticed that my birthday have passed. My conscience was pricked that I want to return and pay him my remaining balance, but unfortunately, I’m already far and I can’t really get tired (since I have an ILLNESS that is preventing me to do so). I was thought and raised like this, so I’m not really happy of what I did. But I’m really happy that he’s not demanding me to pay my remaining balance. That alone makes me admire this person. But not just that, he gave me a freebie. Damn!

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