GET! Mixed Hauls get…

I’ve already got my LBX and so far, I love them. I had open the box to see what’s inside, and so far, they look nice. Plenty clear effect parts, some even comes with a stand. What’s disappointing is the number of stickers. But of course, I’m not forgetting that this thing is a board game of some kind? Nah, I don’t think I’ll ever play that unless forced, LOL!

I didn’t get just one, but ALL of red kits currently in the series.  My favorite so far is Pandora, though Hakai-OZ really looks menacing.

My haul didn’t stop to just these. Notice the title, mixed hauls? How can it have a title like that if it’s pure LBX? Now I present to you, my most prized possession so far. Pika-pika!!

I have already built this kit and, unfortunately, I forgot to bring it home after I brought it to the office so I haven’t really started reviewing this one. I have plans on modifying this and for what purpose is still a surprise 😛

Remember my post earlier, I got my Collection DX series? It’s a fact that I already opened some of the boxes inside it. I chose to open series 8 because I’m saving the best for last. I would just like to note that I’ll open one box per review, and so far, I am in the process of doing the review of MG Trans-Raiser and Pikachu. So I have already opened two, plus, I opened another since I have to celebrate on getting my package. For a total of three. Now, I’m planning to make a review of an LBX kit, you know what it is, and since I am, I already opened another box. For a grand total of 4. LOL! I will attach the pics of those in the review I’m currently doing while I was opening them. For now, I’ll post the first box I’ve opened 🙂

Yeah! The box itself displays the blue version of this. I’m lucky for getting its orange version 🙂

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