PokePla Pikachu Review

I’m on a review spree. not because I had so much time lately, but more of because I’m hyped, for some unknown reasons. Anyway, I can’t consider this a BIG review. In fact, it’s just a small review since this kit isn’t complicated at all. It’s so simple, that I was able to build this kit within 30 minutes.

Now before going into the review itself, I’m gonna open, yet, another Collection DX. This is the 6th box, but the 4th variation. I got lucky that I didn’t get another duplicate.

Yeah, finally, the Unicorn. Though it’s disappointing that it doesn’t come with much. It’s even just standing. Do they seriously think that Unicorn is just too awesome and they gave it a plain standing pose? Well, whatever.

so, finally, here, I present you the review of PokePla Pikachu.

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