FG 1/144 Dynames Review

I’ll make this clear, this is something that I haven’t bought. I got this from our Christmas party as an exchange gift. Well, you can hear some of the details of the story inside the review.

Anyway, to make this post more entertaining, I” just show you my recently opened Collection DX Series 8.

I don’t have the picture of the box that I opened because it’s useless. Why was it useless, because it’s the last box. We all know that I only have 3 remaining unopened boxes. I opened two of them and they were, unfortunately, identical to those that I already have. I actually got, 00 Gundam and another F91, original colors. I was praying that the last box won’t be identical with the others. Of all the MS that I one can get in this series, i’m really wishing for a Victory 2 Gundam. Thankfully, my prayer was heard and I finally got this guy. Now, I can say, that I was able to complete all of the 5 Gundams you can get in this series.

So, without further a do, my short review of FG 1/144 Dynames.

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