Super HCM Pro – Char’s Zaku Review

I’m back, with here, yet again, another review. This time, it’s a Gundam once again, however, it’s not a plastic model. It’s a figure this time and it’ll be a bit different than your usual Gunpla review.

I got this for a discounted price, I almost got a solid 1k cut off the price, which I’m very happy about. But considering the box’s condition, I think it cancels it out, LOL!

Now before the review again, I’ll open the second box in my Collection DX series 9.

I got another gashapon with a LED base. So now, I figured out that all of the gashapons in this series comes with a free LED base. That’s the biggest reason why its price compared to series 9 is 2x greater though this series only came with additional 3.

The thing that I forgot to discuss about this LED bases is that they ALWAYS come in RED color. Also, there’s a thin film that you have to remove in order for the LED to work (besides having an on/off button underneath. Now I’m having doubts whether clear versions were actually rare or not. Honestly, I’ve already opened a third box and it’s another yet clear one.

Anyway, what I got is actually a clear version of Geara Zulu. Well, it’s in CLEAR GREEN, but the LED base is in red so I don’t quite get it. Nevertheless, I’m quite happy that I didn’t get a duplicate so far.

Anyway, for the review itself, here is it, SHCM Pro 1/144 Char’s Zaku

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