Double Review UP! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It’s not KR Double you punk 😛 Anyway, first of all, again, have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can’t thank you enough, yes you, if ever you read my very small and young review blog. Pretty much, it’s been a year of fun and excitement. I’m hoping for more next year. This blog didn’t turn out the way I projected, but I’m actually happy that it didn’t. It didn’t become an exclusive “red gunpla blog” but turned into a “mostly red, plamo and figure blog” instead.

Anyway, since I’m giving you a one post for two reviews, I’ll open two boxes this time.

Upon opening my third box, I figured that clear version are not so rare. heck, I even thought that everything comes with a LED base. But I was wrong, I opened another box and got a standard unicorn, not the clear one this time. So I figured thatLED bases only comes with clear versions. Anyway, since I got a duplicate (I already have the clear version of Unicorn in unicorn mode), I oepened another one and got a regular version Rezel commander type. This time, it doesn’t come with a LED base.

And now, to the double review you’ve been waiting for. My reviews for both can be found in their respective tabs, LBX Reviews and Kamen Rider Reviews, but you can click them here: LBX Kunoichi and SHF Dark Kiva.

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