S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Hyper Kabuto Review

I really thought I wouldn’t have the time to do this, but well, I’m back. This is my first review for the year and I really haven’t thought that it’s gonna be an SHF.

Since it’s the new year, I have change something. It’s about the picture sizes. Before, they were all small. I had some enlarged. But this time, I’ll always have the first pic large, then the rest will be small. I still consider it a small change, but that will definitely help those who have blurry vision.

And now, it’s time to open, yet, another box.

I got this type the Zaku II Type-F (that’s what I think it’s called. But it’s definitely a Zaku). At first glance, I thought that it’s another Geara Zulu, maybe just an alternate version since this one got a machine gun instead of the beam axe. However, looking at the box and closely, it doesn’t have the details of a Geara Zulu.

Oh, this post has been up for a while already and I can’t believe that I forgot to put the link. So to view the review, either check on the upper tab under the Kamen Rider Reviews or you can just click it here

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