LBX Pandora Review

This marks my third LBX kit. So far, I’m enjoying the kits (though they have seamlines and stickers all over). But that’s actually sets it apart from Gunpla. I chose to review this lat among the three, which I picked-up the same time, because I like its design the most.

I don’t think that I’ll be getting Ifreet anytime soon and there’s a chance that I won’t be getting it at all. This will depend on how things will work for me from now as I plan so save some money for other stuff. I might lessen my gunpla works, not until I’m fully healed so figures are my alternatives. But I’m planning to get not just SHFs this time but also…. That’ll be a secret and watch out for that.

I’m currently liking the format of my review, so I guess I’ll stick on it from now on.

Anyway, I opened another box from my collection dx series 9. This will be my 7th box (I can’t believe that I’m really opening them this fast).

This time, I got Unicorn, again. However, it’s not just in Destroy Mode, it’s also in clear red. YAY! R-E-D! Comes with a red LED base as usual, but I didn’t remove the paper underneath. I figured that battery will drain if I did. Someday, maybe, I’ll try to salvage these LEDs and use them to my kits, harhar..

Anyway, without further a do, here my review of LBX Pandora

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