Gunpla Cereal Bowl 2012 Part 1

Usually, I post these kind of stuffs in my personal blog, but I figured that I’ll post it here instead. So from now on, all Gunpla related stuffs will be posted here and anything personal will stay on my personal blog.

Anyway, this post will be regarding the latest gunpla news and my thoughts about it. It might be posted once a month or every other month, depends on my schedule or the level of my laziness 🙂

Let’s start with the MGs shall we?

MG Duel Prototype

It’s been announced last year already that this will get its release this coming February. Looking at the latest prototype, I’m actually positive that though it does have resemblance to Strike, they actually used different frames for the joints, specifically for the hips. I think this kit can do a full split, a pose that never fails to impresses me.

MG Age-1 Normal boxart

Oh effing yeah! The box art looks AWESOME! But somehow, I think the vibe from it doesn’t match the series. It looks DARK, which the series, currently, isn’t. But well, it looks pretty awesome nevertheless. The good thing about this are the joints. I can’t seem to find the pics, but the joints are actually detachable for both the knees and elbows. That’s very much appreciated simply because painting can become much easier now. Usually, we paint the whole inner frame, but only the joints which are exposed are the ones we intend to show off. Somehow, this is also good since the kit’s not pricey. Looks like Bandai has successfully made a formula to reduce the cost of the kits even while maintaining the quality of an MG. And I hope they do or else 😡

MG Banshee Unicorn

So we thought that Bandai only releases two MGs in a month per year, but we were wrong. Just like February, they’ll be giving us two MGs for March as well. And what’s unbelievable is that it’s actually the Banshee! It’s a big and one of the most anticipated release. Bandai, once again, had us unguarded. It’s a nice surprise. An MG release just 2 months after its HG release. People didn’t even had the time to drool at the HG and they’ll already give us an MG?!?!?! You’re doing it right Bandai.

MG Age-1 Titus and Spallow

How disappointing. The hands of Titus can already be compared against a PG, but they gave us a giant EW manipulators instead. Can’t it be more lame? I know wishing for a PG kind of hands is too much, but the regular MG hands (thumb, trigger, three finger split type) will suffice. I know EW type of manipulators are good for holding weapons, but Titus HAVEN’T HELD any type of weapons yet! He used either open palms or closed fits to either crush or push far far away an enemy. Though don’t be carried away, it’s just a very minor nitpick, but I sound like a whining kid 😛

As usual, Spallow looks ninja-ish, fast and awesome dude, but its lack of accessories doesn’t appeal to me.

MG Buster, Blitz and Aegis [Planned Releases]

This confirms that they’ll be getting an MG, finally. At least, we can now rest and relax a bit unlike during the Wing MGs that they didn’t even announce what kits are gonna get released.

MG in General

Given this releases, I’m actually speculating that we’ll be oftenly getting 2 MGs per month from now on. I think what they’re trying to do is, instead of releasing NG 1/100 for Gundam Age, they’ll release MGs instead. As a matter of fact, their prices, though pricey than NG 1/100s, they aren’t as high as other new MGs. That’s why Bandai was confident enough to even release their release dates as early as last year.


Of course, I’m not surprised, even on the planned release date. People actually think that the pattern for releases for RGs are May, July and November. What intrigued me more is what type of MK-II are we actually getting here? Is it the Titans or the AEUG colors? I prefer the AEUG since the overall color scheme appealed me more. The color combination is just awesome. Though Titans color isn’t bad, but it’s not good enough for me. Another question of mine is what’s next, are they gonna release RG Zeta next? Though personally, I think it’ll have many criticism transformation and stability wise, if they can pull it off well, then I’ll gladly eat my words. Are they gonna release both AEUG and Titans. Though I’m sure they will, is the second release gonna be a tamshii web exclusive like Strike Rouge or an ordinary release like the Green Zaku II? The pattern that people have thought up is: Grandaddy Gundam -> Char’s Zaku, Green Zaku; Strike -> Strike Rouge -> Freedom; so is it gonna be MK-II (AEUG) -> MK-II(Titans) -> Zeta then?

RGs in General

I’m no fan of RGs as its parts were to small for my not so big, but rather shaky and unstable hands. So whatever they release here doesn’t really matter that much to me. Unless they release an RG Justice, chances of getting an MG Justice is going to be slim T_T

HG G-Bouncer and Genoace II

Just what kind of name is that, G-Bouncer? I actually thought of bouncers at clubs, big, strong and bulky. But it’s nothing like that at the slightest. The shield’s design looks COOL! I loved Infinite Justice’s that’s why. But the legs having similarities with Spallow makes me think that they’re getting too lazy with the variations. I know, in each Gundam series, there are variations, but this is too much.

Speaking of laziness, Genoace II, which is just a Genoace custom pure recolor having no such new weapons, I think, is worse than G-Bouncer, except the name. And they even have the Genoace II (diva colors), which I hope won’t have an HG release. Well, I’d still buy it just because it has those reds 😛

HG Age-2 Double Bullet

Strike Freedom’s dragoons were blocking the emition of Voiture Lumierem which is stupid. Now, I can’t get why Age-2 have this form/wear. Double guns? Why, can’t he have two Hyper DODS rifle? I actually think that Age-2 Normal have more mobility. That’s why I’m hoping that the gimmick for its legs will actually have more use than the gimmicks that Spallow and Titus had. Though Titus’ knee beams actually have a use and looks cool nevertheless.

HG Zeidora

A sure buy for me, even though its MG will likely be released depending on how it’ll actually perform. The beam rifle is shaped like Federation’s but the lines have Veigan (official name of UE) feel to it. Well, all we know for sure is that it’s a Veigna suit.

HG Adele

I really wish it has a red variant that I can buy, somehow, I like it too. Though I’m unsure what I like more between this one and Genoace II. For sure, they both have a place in my heart.

HG Juaggu

Its design never caught my eye, heck, I even think it’s so fugly. But yeah, somehow, seeing it in actual fight in Unicorn somehow changed my mind. But still, it’s no good.

HG Nemo (UC ver)

A recolor, anyone? And another here

HGs in general

Sure, HGs from the current series Gundam Age is inevitable and so far, it’s doing good. Now, they’re also releasing UC OVA version kits, which are just recolors but I hope they have actualyl have something new and not just clear stickers. So far, Bandai is doing it sooo RIGHT! A good way to start of the year

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