Gunpla Cereal Bowl 2012 Part 2

I’M BACK! It’s been a long time since I posted a review. I promised that I’ll be posting the review of my GEM Lelouch but didn’t and I would like to apologize for that. I promise that I’ll post its review this weekend or earlier. This time, it’ll be true.

Anyway, there has been announcements about the upcoming releases and I’ll discuss them one by one.

RG Gundam MK-II

Its release date is now confirmed and as of expected, they followed the pattern. It’ll be release in April, but something unexpected happened. They’ll be releasing two colors at the same time, both the AEUG and Titans. I initially thought that they’ll release separately. Either by making one a regular release and the other as a web shop limited, or releasing both in a another month. But NOT, which I guess is good for its fans.

RG Freedom (deactivate mode) and HG Extreme Gundam (Leos Type)

To the cows of these two, you’ll be milked. I like the Leos type extreme gundam for obvious reasons, but I can’t really see me buying a deactivate mode even though fate made me a big fan of Freedom.

MG Blitz

All have been speculating that MG Buster is the most obvious release next to MG Duel. But Bandai, now wanting to be predictable this time, released Blitz first. I don’t know their reason but for fans of Blitz, congratulations 🙂

I’m still positive that Aegis will be the last so…. this news is nothing to me.

MG Marasai

This is an MG dream come true since last year. Finally, it’ll get its release. Though I can see a lot of people that were surprised even though it has been mentioned that it has a 60% chance of getting an MG release this year. What I’m really hoping for is that they’ll release its red-orange color and not the green one. If they ever release the green one, I’m hoping that they’ll release the red-orange one after a month of so. This is going to be the second MG for May, being Gafran as the first.

HG M1 Astray

I love the Astrays because of their quite unique designs. But this is the one that I hate the most only because it’s a free capsule machine in SDGO (SD Gundam Online) and it’s weak XD But honestly, I love its bagpack and its design.

HG Anksha

I like the Ashimar’s design, but Anksha’s way too overkilled for me, I guess.


MG Spallow

A  better picture of its prototype. Not a fan of this at all but it’s looking good.

MG Titus

For some reason, it doesn’t strike to me as an MG. But I’ll still buy it nevertheless.


MG Strike 2.0

Well, with this teaser, I can’t help but imagine a 2.0 release. But I hope they retain the sliding armor panels if ever.


I thought that 2 MGs per month is going to continue, yes, it somewhat did, but not straight. WE’ll only get one MG for April which is Spallow. The set of release really surprised me and now I’m worried because if Aegis gets released this year as well, then I’ll have 3 MGs for the year, which is not so bad but not so good as well. Reason is, I’m saving up and it only helped my gunpla spirit XD

2 Responses to “Gunpla Cereal Bowl 2012 Part 2”

  1. darkandchoco Says:

    My wallet can’t keep up! XD

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