GET! Multiple acquisition get…

It’s been a while since I posted something. Now, it’s yet again, another haul of mine. I know, the promised review of mine is long overdue, but well, I’ll be throwing a surprise this weekend to, somewhat, compensate with my lack of posts.

Anyway, here are my VERY AWESOME hauls for March/April.

MG Sinanju Bazooka with novel. Actually, there’s a recast version of this which is cheaper, but I chose the Bandai one because, well, I can afford it. Also, it comes with the novel, somewhat it makes me want to study Japanese just to read this. But come to think of it, I hate reading in physical books. I’d rather read in e-books.

Titus.. at long last. Though I’m excited about it, it actually came late. Unfortunately, the shipment was delayed for some unknown reason. I know this should be my top priority, but some things came and my priority ended up getting different. Also, since it arrived late and there are a lot of reviews out there, the point of me doing this fast ASAP is lost. Now, I’ll take time on how to improve by reviews so that I’ll present it rather nicely.

RC Nightingale. My 1st third party kit purchase my entire life. I’ll save my comments about this kit later so all I can say about this kit at this point is that it’s HUMONGOUS! Can you see where I placed it at? It’s on the top of our stove.

A fair warning to Bandai elitists, my stand is firm, I don’t consider this kit as a BOOTLEG. I have the same sentiments with Z of gunpla-inochi. Yes, the design “Nightingale” was bootlegged, but the kit itself isn’t. It’s not like TT Hongli and friends who directly copies the molds of Bandai, even the box and doesn’t spend much on research unlike these 3rd party companies.

So for now, my top priority will have to be RC Nightingale, next up is my entry or entries (depending on what will I decide unto) and last is MG Titus. By this time, it should already be May and I’ll be doing MG Marasai by then. As I go through everything, I might also do my MG Justice project, but it will be a work whenever I’m bored. MG Sinanju, though I got its bazooka, will be made in December. Yeah, I need so much time for it that I need a vacation for it. I want it to be as perfect as possible since it’s my favorite mono-eyed suit.

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