GET! Non-red get…

Can you guess what this is? Clue, it’s pretty much a small box.

But nevermind.

This one’s too hard to guess. First, it’s not red; second, it’s scale is not really common and too small the regular; and lastly, it’s not a model kit but another figure.

It’s no other than the HCM Pro 1/200 Hamrabi. Yes, who would’ve guessed that I’ll be getting this? Well, I have some reasons and they are; First, I love using it in a game that I played when I was a kid. It’s on SNES and it’s in Japanese so I really don’t know its name; Second, it doesn’t exist in HG or even in NG form and higher; Third, it’s quite an interesting MS and it looks unique. I haven’t seen any MS that transforms like him nor it has any brother (like Unicorn is to Banshee and Zeta is too Zeta Plus A1); Lastly, it’s on sale in HLJ. I ordered it through HLJ, as seen in the first pic above. It came straight at my doorstep and I was effing happy. Well, I really am expecting it to arrive, but I never expected it to arrive fast. 4 days and it’s here, like as promised.

My next haul is an another kit that’s not red. Well, if you mix red with blue, you’ll get violet, but still. Anyway, I bought this at a mall and it’s a bit pricier but the main reason I bought this at that place is for the promo code. Yes, I joined the 2nd campaign for gunplas hoping to win 6 PGs if not the 6 MGs. Both set of prizes are awesome and I’ll be happy whatever I’ll get between the two.  Still, point remains, it’s not red so why this? Honestly, there’s no red kit with promo code left. No sings of Zeydra and my main target, Double Bullet, isn’t there either. Even Genoace II isn’t there. Though HG Genoace and HG Titus can be found, I already have both of them in HG and MG form respectively so getting them is so redundant. I’ve also seen a Banshee Unicorn mode, but I want a Destory mode of it, so yeah. I got HG Dorado instead. Another reason is, my friend told me that if I didn’t buy anything at that moment, he’ll cancel buying one and if he did that, our chance of getting the prize will get slimmer. Yes, we agreed that whoever wins in the said contest, we’ll split the prizes in half. By the way, this kit is going to be my official entry in the Gundam contest that will be held this May. I hope I have time as I’m prioritizing RC Nightingale.

Hauls aside…

The reason why things are getting slow lately is that, the camera that my sister has, yes, I don’t own one myself, got a problem. Though it still works, can capture pictures and whatnot, it can’t really display them fully. The LCD is kinda broke, it doesn’t have any backlight. But it’s an LCD and I don’t think they have backlight, probably just the brightness. I’m actually planning on posting three reviews at one during the vacation but that didn’t happen because my sister got into vacation while I was working on my kits and she brought her camera with her so yeah.  After her return, the camera was still working, for about a day, until its LCD already stopped working properly.

I’ll post the upcoming reviews I have. One of them is already done, one is currently in writing phase and the third already has pictures. I’ll postpone the review of NG Zaku Warrior (Luna Maria Hawke) because of several problems it has. Though it’s finished, it will be pushed later back June or July. RC Nightingale will be my priority and expect it to be posted FIRST before the three.

Upcoming reviews:

Megahouse 1/8 Lelouch Vi Britannia

SHF Faiz Blaster Form

HG Leopard-D

RC Nightingale

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  1. darkandchoco Says:

    Looking forward for the Nightingale =3

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