Lelouch, Faiz, Leopard-D: LeFaLeo Triple Review UP!

As promised, the three reviews that took a VERY LONG time. Sorry bout that.

The review for Lelouch was done a long time ago, but I didn’t want to put it up since I want to do a triple review. Oh, if you’re curious, no, it wasn’t my intention to do three different categories to review. It’s pure coincidence. The review for Faiz Blaster and Leopard-D doesn’t have a big interval in between. What took most of my time is “laziness”.

Now that I’m slowly returning into blogging, expect more updates. Specially my RC Nightingale. I already have the pics for it, it’s just that I forgot to copy photoshop from my friend (smells piracy perhaps?) Don’t worry, em only gonna use it for RC Nighingale’s review and that’s it. Oh, when I meant I got the pics, it’s only up to the body part. I want to update you guys about my WIP ASAP. I don’t want to advance further until I up my WIP. I already had so many issues that, hopefully, can help a lot of modelers sepcially that I’m a NOOB.

Anyway, here’s the triple review: GEM Lelouch Vi Britannia, SHF Faiz Blaster and HG Leopard-D. Enjoy!

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