Gunpla Cereal Bowl Part 3

My last GCB was February and a lot has happened. Many news that I wasn’t able to discuss here, even though I’ve got a lot of things to say. So for now, let’s discuss the upcoming releases that we’ve all been waiting for.

Kestrel Decal Sheet

I, somewhat, like its design, but most specially the color combination. However, even though this MS has enough amount of fans, Bandai never made this in to HG, which I think they should’ve. It’s only available through a Hobby Magazine and now they’re throwing in a decal sheet so that painting the kit will be a less hassle than it already is. I’m just worried though how will it really look like once it’s finished.

Exclusive Decal Sheet

Another exclusive decal sheet, however, it’s not a freebie for a magazine. Perhaps, this will be the biggest waterslide decal sheet that Bandai has ever produced. If you really love applying decals, like I do, and has a lot of units to take advantage of the markings, then go get this. However, I think it’ll be so pricey.

SD Age-3

Of all the SDs for Age series, I think this is the best one. I love Age-2 as well, but it has some very obvious hollow parts that makes it VERY less appealing. The transformation for this unit looks pretty sweet by the way.

RG 1/144 Justice

This is what I’m worried about the most. I personally think that once a kit gets an RG, it won’t get an MG treatment. Well, most of the RGs that we currently have already has an MG version and that’s the reason for my theory. Though some people believe that the upcoming RG release means that its MG release won’t be faraway, I personally doubt it. I mean, why the hell will you release two good and similar line of the same unit in such a short span of time? Yes, they released an RG Freedom with almost the same time with Metal Build Freedom. But, their market is DIFFERENT.

I’m still hoping for an MG Justice even though I solidly believe in my theory. Well at least we’ll be getting MG Aegis.

I initially thought of buying RG Justice so that I’ll have my first RG, just for the sake of giving it a try. At least I can say to myself, if ever I get disappointed or I lose a part, that I won’t ever dare to try this line ever again. However, in spite all of my interest in this kit, my funds aren’t really cooperating. Though I’ll have money for it. I’m trying to save. I recently bought a camera, you know it, and it took a VERY BIG slash in my savings. Moreover, I’m planning to buy a new PC by the end of the year and I will prioritize HG Farsia, Genoace II and Clanche.

HGUC 1/144 Anksha

If Asshimar doesn’t look weird enough, then this’ll maybe be it. However I think this looks a lot cooler than its predecessor and I think green color fits it the most since it now looks more like a vegetable, HAHA!

RD Sazabi

I have no figure whatsoever from the RD line yet. Though this Sazabi might be the greatest figure of Sazabi for all time, this  really costs a lot. I’m actually more interested at RD Nu Gundam since it comes with the effect part; it looks pretty awesome!

MG 1/100 Blitz

These are the prototype images for the kit. Damn, I’m glad they did changes for its MG. Looks very nice! Now for speculations, I really think that Buster will come next. They’ll ave Aegis for last because you’ll want to save the best for last right?

HG 1/144 M1 Astray

I think Bandai’s been generous lately. They added two anti-ship swords which has never been seen nor was used in the anime. If they made LaGowe and M! Astray, what do you think will be the next HG for Seed line?

MG 1/100 Marasai

The one that I’ve been anticipating the most, MG Marasai. Even though it’s not really in red, but only in the shades or red, I still like this MS. It looks like a Zaku that went on a gym and gained some muscles. I’m so glad when the pictures verified that this kit can house a LED unit. However, I’m still unsure where you will have to put it. I’m guessing that it’s gonna be in the head. It’s spacious since it’s very wide and also, I think it’s impractical to put it in the chest, like the 00 series MGs. It also comes with a special connector at the back so it can do a bending ala matrix style dodging of bullets.

What will make my wallet cry even more is that the MG Ballute System, which they’ll sell separately, is compatible with this kit. Though it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t open up like in the anime, it’s still a pretty cool gimmick.

HGUC 1/144 Zaku Marine and Base Jabber

When they said Base Jabber, I immediately thought that it’ll be the same base jabber that FAU comes with.Actually, it’s different. It’s the same base jabber that the Tri-Star Jesta units used in the Episode 4 of Unicorn OVA. I’m not a fan of Zaku Marine so I’m not really interested at that news.

Gundam Age-3

Well, I would like to talk about that series for a moment. The season 3’s hype is overwhelming. My news feed got flooded by
season 3 related news. They are curious on the Gundam with pirate theme, is Asemu still alive and the vegan Gundam seen in the opening. The pirate Gundam is almost confirmed to be Age-2 that’s been modified or upgraded, depending on how you want to treat it,  to this black awesome looking MS. And yes, it’s Asemu who’ll be piloting this unit. This unit is different from the X-Siphos, the supposedly upgrade of G-Exes (or G-Bouncer. Nah! I forgot). My only argument now is…Asemu now has an identity crisis. At firs,t he wanted to be an x-rounder, then a super pilot and now a space pirate, HAHAHA! Anyway, he’s still awesome and I’m sure he has a reason for it.

Now I hope that the Vegan Gundam’s color will be red. But we all know that it won’t be. There’s already Girhaga 😐

Speaking of HG releases, Age-3 Normal will be released this month. I think the pokemon Gundam will be released this month as well. I’m actually hoping for an HG Girhaga (though I’m hesitant to buy that one) and HG Clanche (which I’ll surely buy). I know the HG release of Fortress and Orbital is inevitable, but I’m still unsure of when they’ll get a release. I’m speculating that it’ll be June and July for Fortress and Orbital respectively.

Oh, I suddenly remembered. I’m very sure last year, they confirmed that MG Gafran will be released this May. I think they pushed it back or cancelled it. Being the latter will be a bad news. I’m hoping that it gets released so that chances of MG Zeydra and Girhaga will be high. Or Bandai could go straight and release those two 🙂

Unheard speculations

There were speculations, which I thought was confirmed, that MG Age-2 Normal will be released in July. Man, if that’s true then August will most likely be the release date of Age-2 DB. Also, the HG Hambrabi, which I think deserves an HG treatment, was included in the speculated releases. I think MG AGe-2 Normal has a pretty high chance and its release it SOON and we all know that.

RC Nightingale Project

This is more of a personal part. You know that I’m currently doing this project. Don’t worry, I’m not stopping the project, I’ll just minimize in doing it. I’ll need to concentrate in other things which I need to prepare for the most. It’s not gunpla related. Actually, I am interested in joining the gunpla builders competition this month, but I’m saddened to announce that I will have to push that back further for next year. Maybe I’ll be able to finish snapfitting the RC Nightingale, but I don’t think I can finish it by this month. Maybe June, or even July. Depends on my hectic schedule.

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