RC 1/100 Nightingale WIP 4

Hi everyone, I’m sorry I was unable to post anything yesterday like I promised. My schedule didn’t went according to plan. I actually watched Avengers, however, we’re forced to take the last full show as most of the schedules are either already full or the seating position isn’t good. Still, I’m glad that I won’t be out of place whenever they talk about the movie.

Anyway, part 4 can be found in the Non-Bandai section for RC Nightingale under the Gundam Reviews tab or can simple be clicked here.

4 Responses to “RC 1/100 Nightingale WIP 4”

  1. darkandchoco Says:

    Avengers! Also watched last April 30, good thing there are reservations for ayala malls XD but when I tried to book last April 29 to watch the movie on 30, damn almost all ayala malls’ cinemas for Avengers were fully booked! But I was lucky to find seats! An epic movie right? Every penny is worth it for me haha! 😀

    The RC nightingale is looking good so far! XD

    • maknaedik Says:

      It’s supposed to be very worth of my every penny if not for the TALL guy in front of me *pffft* And we also watched it in 3D. I’m so excited but that guy, argh! Anyway, I still enjoyed it nevertheless.

      So far, it has been taking shape. Though from now on, my progress will be a lot slower. I need to raise my stamina for my upcoming vacation at Sagada 🙂

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