GET! Waterslides get…

This is not a gunpla haul but waterslides hauls. I bought two which took 1 month to arrive. When the seller told me that my order already came, he asked whether I’m available for meet-up. I specifically remembered that I had him ship it. Seems like that text message is a broadcast so for those who preferred shipment over meet-up will also receive it. My answer was kinda mean, HAHA! Anyway, here they are. Water slides for MG Red Frame Kai and MG Epyon.

Ok, relax, I know what you’re thinking. Bandai never released waterslides for these two. Obviously, these are custom made. These are different from Samuel Decals, though I’m quite interested in ordering that. However, a piece of warning, this isn’t Bandai quality. Good enough, but not as good. It will suffice, but there’s something lacking. It’s also sticky, therefore, once a piece got folded with itself, then say goodbye to it. Even if you stretch it out back, it’ll most likely not in a good shape anymore. The light gray color turned into two to three shades darker. The red turned orange. So be careful on using these and make sure that there are no discrepancies. If you want quality, then go for the dry transfers + clear stickers combination. If you want combination, go ahead. I can actually recommend using the dry transfer, if it’s available, then use the waterslides for the warning signs, which are oftenly clear stickers nowadays.

I bought this because I had no choice. I have EPICALLY (<-there even no word for this) FAILED in putting the dry transfer in the legs. I had to remove them. You’ll have to put them in a bent area so expect it to be difficult, specially for a person like me.

2 Responses to “GET! Waterslides get…”

  1. darkandchoco Says:

    This is interesting, where did you buy this from? =3

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