GET! Multiple acquisition get…

It’s been A LONG TIME! There are sooo many things happened in my life and we’ll never get done if I tell them all. Anyway, what’s more important is that I’m back. Well, not really as active as before, but I’ll try to. I’m still busy studying piano, with my work and watching some series.

I instantly went bankrupt after my recent purchases. Most of it went to my new bag and a jacket, which I don’t need at all but it looks too good for me to pass. Anyway, for gundam related purchases. I’ve got the following. Let’s start with the best already.

MG MARASAI! Yes, I know, it’s not your usual red. But hey, it’s orange and according to my category, it fits in still. Its color is actually orange, but I still love it even though it didn’t achieve anything great in the series. To spice things up, I even bought this:

I present to you, the MG Ballute System. It can be used by other suits as well, but it’s mostly advertised with MG Marasai. I think it’s the same ballute system that the MG Hyaku Shiki comes with. Except that this time, it’s sold separately.

HG Tieren Taozi. One of the grunt suits I’m fond of are the Tieren. It looks too tankish and that’s what I like about it. Well, originally, I planned to buy HG Farsia or any HG Red suits, preferably Zedyra or Ghiraga. But they had no stock and all I found was this. So I bought it anyway, even though its box is in no good condition


I was only kinda forced to buy this at this time. I’m really planning to buy the 3 red grunts from every generation of Age (Genoace, which I already have. Genoace II, this one. And Clanche, for September release). I’m originally planning to buy this guy together with HG Clanche, but I was hoping to buy 2 or more HGs at this time.

I already got my membership card at GTO and have thought to share the freebie, which I didn’t know it comes with once you claim the card, that it comes with.

It’s nothing special. I think it’ll be stocked right here nor will I care if it gets lost.

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