Gunpla Cereal Bowl Part 4

May was my last entry regarding news and etc. If not for the big news that Bandai handed us down, I wouldn’t have made this. I’m too lazy and too busy that I can’t think of anything, but this really trembled me A LOT.

Let’s start with RG.

RG 1/144 Zeta Gundam

I still can’t believe it. Bandai is actually making a very complex MS into RG. Of course fans were happy about the news, but it’s really intriguing. Will Bandai pull it off? Why are they so confident? Is it gonna be a full transformer or just a partsformer like its HGUC counterpart? Many questions will be answered when its released.

High Grade

HG 1/144 Byarlant Custom

Finally. I know how much fans this kit has, that includes me but it didn’t sold me to buy it in model form. Anyway, this should’ve been released way earlier while it’s still hot. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still hot, but I  don’t think it’s still that hot.

HG 1/144 Age-3 Fortress

I never thought that this will ever get an HG release. Just like the same fate that Blast Impulse had. But I guess I was wrong. I’m actually glad that I am wrong. This gives me hope that MG Age-2 DB will come out someday.

Master Grade

MG 1/100 Dark Hound

I don’t know if I have mentioned this anywhere in my blog that when this kit ever gets released, I’ll be buying it. Well, yes, I still will because I keep my word. But I’m kinda surprised that they’ll be releasing it this fast. Of course, fans were expecting Double Bullet first. But looking at it, Age-2 DH is much closer to Age-2 Normal than Age-2 Normal compared to AGe-2 DB. I’m, of course, still hopeful that DB will come out one day. Though I have this weird thought that it will never gets released.

This year, I’ve been treated by Bandai so well that they gave out 3 red MGs. Titus, Marasai and Aegis (you can count Heavyarms EW as well and well I do) and releasing this MG will hurt my wallet A LOT. Might buy this, but not in the date itself. Maybe next year perhaps?

Finally, the juiciest news….

MG 1/100 Nu Gundam ver Ka

Ok Bandai, great! I have soooo many things to say about this so better hold your bars there. You can sort a treat this as my letter to Bandai.

Ver Ka, meaning this will have a lots of marking all over, CHECK!

A bit more expensive than MG Hi-Nu, then we’ll expect it to be a 2.0. An improvement over its old MG and not just like Unicorn ver Ka and Unicorn OVA which has minor and really not that big improvement.

Bandai, make an MG Sazabi 2.0 as well, PLEASE! I know I might have to wait for another year because every December releases are special and of course, Sazabi IS SPECIAL just like Nu. They’re rivals afterall.

I’m positive that Bandai will pull this off very nicely like what they did with FAU ver Ka.

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