GET! Gurren get…

Oh hello!

Oh, it’s not really JUST the Gurren Type-02 from Code Geass. I also bought two decals. Maybe some of you might wonder, why the heck am I getting MG IJ and SI’s decals again? Well, truth is, I sold them off. Yes, I need the money and I’m not quite happy with the result. Ok, I lied, I am happy with it. But I wanted it to be as perfect as possible.

I’m so glad I made this purchase even though I’m literally bankrupt. They are out of stock already and these stuffs doesn’t get regular restock. I’m very happy with my purchase if Gurren Nishiki. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to build it as fast as possible. I still have to prioritize my MG Marasai and Ballute System.

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