Gunpla Cereal Bowl Part 5

It’s not that too long since August, even though it’s just one day away till November. So I made this cereal bowl because there are a lot of things that caught my eye but PRICEY!

Robot Damashii

Weird start, but this is the focus of this post since most of the latest release are RDs.

Xi Gundam

I want to see this more in HG form. I’m only interested since even though it came from UC, its overall looks is drastically different from the rest. So I want to see on how its parts will go together.

Testament Gundam

A very weird release for Bandai. I mean, this isn’t famous at all, but they’re releasing it? Since I know that this guy has a very low chance to have an HG, I’ll be getting this.

Gundam DX + G Falcon

I WANT THIS! However, this one has a bigger chance to get a release in HG form than the rest. So I’m willing to  wait.
So please Bandai, an HG, or even an MG, will do!

ZZ Gundam

I have no interest in this whatsoever unless it’ll be given to me for free. Even though this one looks good, it can’t transform; it’s not a surprise though.

Guncannon DT

It appeals to me because even though it’s an obvious upgrade of guncannon, looks futuristic and everything, but it still retains that guncannon feel into it. Most specially because, it’s red. This is a definite get!

GN-X IV (trans-am)

Pre-ordered this one! Pink and has a lot of accessories.

Metal Build


This figure also comes with R2 and R3 parts, if I’m not mistaken. I could see Bandai throwing Repair parts as exclusive add-on. I’m really tempted in getting at least one metal build But I’m still waiting for a red one.

Master Grade

There is only one new MG that has been announced. It’s no other than, the crowd favorite!

Tallgeese I

By the looks of it, II and III will follow up shortly. I’m gonna kill Bandai if they made any of the two exclusive. Yes, I’m not buying this, but I don’t want them trolling on us 😛

Some also speculate that MG Leo is also a possibility. Leo came from Tallgeese, or the other way around, in the first place so it’s really a possibility.

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