GET! Seed get…

Oh hell yeah! This post is long overdue. Anyway…

Don’t be fooled. Yeah, I got that buster. As evidence, you can see my legendary bedsheet. However, it’s a birthday gift to a friend. So yeah, happy birthday to him again. I bought this MG Buster September. Yes, that long ago and didn’t post it.

I got this even before the MG Buster. AT LAST! I love this just because it’s sooo pink and I love its pink. Unfortunately, I think I’ll be able to build this next year. Not this year because I plan to build HGUC Sinanju, NG Nebular Blitz and some MGs (looking at Sinanju) this year and there’s no way I can fit this one.

MG Aegis!!! This is my most favorite haul of this year. YES! As evidence, I’m currently building it right now. It has a lot of moving parts and it is stable so far. I’m gonna review this just to confirm. Thankfully, it’s not that pinkish compared to its NG counterpart.

Some news…

I know, MG Ballute System review is long overdue. I have finished MG Marasai, all painted up. So expect it to be posted soon. Hoping someday this week, but I doubt it.

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2 Responses to “GET! Seed get…”

  1. barklight Says:

    Awesome man, looking forward to your Aegis review…

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