Gunpla Cereal Bowl Part 6

It’s not too long ago since I had a gunpla cereal bowl. This one has to be made and we all know why.

Real Grade


Of course, I expected this kit to happen. It became even more obvious because of the announcement of Seed Destiny Remaster. However, I was expecting RG Providence before this guy, or even an RG Impulse. But well, they thought that this would be more fitting to get a release first.

High Grades

All of them

HG 1/144 Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd L

HG fans should be celebrating with this release. I’m hoping that it will use the latest astray frame rather than the older Red Frame’s.

HG 1/144 Perfect Strike Gundam

Amm, not interested. If they release this in MG then I’ll greatly appreciate it.

HGUC 1/144 Jesta Cannon

This just proves how popular this MS is. An HG and an…

Master Grades


I’m not a fan of this and I don’t like this announcement at all. But I know fans of Unicorn are rejoicing so yeah, I’m happy for them.

Sinanju Stein

This isn’t much of a problem for Bandai since it’ll use Sinanju ver KA’s frame. My questions now are: Is this going to be a ver KA? (I honestly don’t think so). Why was the MG released first before the HG?

ReZEL Type C [GR]

Don’t really know what GR means nor the specific difference of Type C from the rest, but I know that Unicorn fans are treated to the fullest with this release. I REALLY like the design of ReZEL, however, this color variation is errrr..

3 MGs from Unicorn just proves how popular it really is.

Age-3 Normal and Age FX

I know that soon enough, these two will get a release. But firstly, together? Second, where’s my MG Double Bullet?!?!? Ehem, and my MG Orbital too? Now I don’t have any confidence left that we’ll see those two T_T

Strike Remaster

We all know how popular Seed is. It got the most number of sales and I think even 00 didn’t get close. It got a remaster and Seed Destiny is to follow soon. HGs out there got remastered. So now my question is, is this gonna be just a recolor like most remastered kits? Honestly, I don’t think so. If you have observed it well, the prototype is all gray. Most of the time, in the case of MGs for Age-1, already made parts comes in different color than the newly made ones when they’re showing its prototype. So in this case, I’m positive that this one isn’t just a recolor but an upgrade. I would like to call it a 1.5 rather than a 2.0 because I don’t think there are much different between the two. I’m hoping that they’ll retain the sliding panels for the legs.


Many of you are wondering, there are no red MGs, poor you redblondemean. Well, if Strike Remaster is really an upgrade, which I’m positive that it is, then we’ll shortly get an MG Strike Rouge Remaster. That MS appeared both in Seed and Seed Destiny so it’s inevitable. However, I’m just kinda sad that I already have an RG Strike Rouge so having two of it, even though they come in different grade, makes me hexed (I’m not sure what term to use here so I used this instead because I can imagine myself turning into chicken while thinking).

In terms of frequency of releases, I think that they’ll release 2 MGs per month in summer. My prediction of order of release is:


MG Tallgeese


MG Sinanju Stein


MG Jesta

MG Age-3 Normal


MG ReZEL Type C [GR]



MG Strike

Now I’m not sure what to predict for next year’s incoming MGs. Bandai really did get us by surprise once again.

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