GET! Metallic Alien get…

First, the metal. I have now officially acquired metal parts that I need to start my MG Sinanju. I thought that this is the last purchase I need. I figured that I’m still missing the gattling gun.

Now for the alien, I present you HG Throne Drei. This is the Gunpla I received from exchange gift which was an upgrade from last year’s FG Dynames. Damn, I was like crying when I received this. I got a request to do this immediately, but I still got a handful of things to do before I can work on this. Maybe by February or March, but definitely not January.


You must be expecting some updates since it’s Christmas break. I had my break and mostly went to her, ehem, and gunpla, particularly, MG Sinanju. I’m working on all of them so don’t you worry.

Anyways, I started my MG Sinanju already and heads up, I’ve finished the review of MG Ballute System and MG Aegis. Working on HG Sinanju already and gathering pics for NG Nebular Blitz. MG Sinanju’s review will be quite different. I will not be specific on the articulation part that much and will post my series of WIP.

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