Happy New Year!

From me, cmgaddict, which is actually redblondemean too, but whatever.

I will list all the things I’ve acquired and highlights of my year 2012 and the plans I have in mind for 2013. Of course, my 2012 gunpla prediction. Treat this as my Gunpla cereal bowl 7.


This is not to brag or anything similar. It’s just to show on which timeline I focused more.

4 Seed
– MG Aegis
– MG Buster (a bday gift for a friend)
– RG Strike Rouge
– RG Sky Grasper (a bday gift from a friend)

4 Age
– HG Genoace II
– HG Farsia (For my adopted daughter, I only call her that.)
– MG Titus
– HG Dorado (just to join the gunpla promo)

1 Wing
– MG Wing Zero Custom (a gift for a friend)

5 UC
– MG Marasai
– MG Ballute System
– GFF Deep Striker (HOLY GRAIL!!!)
– HCM Pro Hambrabi (should’ve waited for HG)
– MG Sinanju Bazooka

2 00
– HG Tieren Taozi
– HG Throne Drei (acquired through exchange gift)

1 FC
– HG God Gundam (a purchase I bought for a friend. Totally not mine)

So over all, I acquired 12 kits. 3 MGs, 2 RGs, 4 HGs, 2 MG add-ons and 2 figures. I’m totally happy with my requisitions and looking forward for more this year, 2013.

Expected purchases this year: MG Zeta 2.0 White Unicorn, MG Nu Ver Ka, MG Double Fin Funnel Set, MG Dark Hound, MG Heavyarms, HG Clanche, HG Farsia and HG Age-1 Full Gransa. I have some kits on mind, but they’re not my priority, heck, even Age kits in the list aren’t.

So for 2013, here are the MGs that has already been announced: MG Tallgeese I, MG Jesta, MG Rezel Type-C, MG Sinanju Stein, MG Strike Remastered, MG Age FX and MG Age-3 Normal. Let’s start with the most obvious, MG Strike Rouge Remastered (please, don’t make it exclusive), MG Rezel Type-C (exclusive and with teal color) and MG Jesta Cannon.

For Unicorn, there might be some MG Rozen Zulu coming, this guess gave me goosebumps.

For Wing, I can see MG Tallgeese II or III but I’m leaning towards the latter more.I’m hoping that they already show Warlock and Snow White (I find this name lame. Imagine an MS that’s sooo white and has red lipstick, ???). The custom suits for Sandrock, Heavyarms and Nataku isn’t getting a release yet and if they release any on of them ,expect the rest to follow shortly.

For Age, I have no hope or whatsoever for MG Age-2 DB, Age-3 Fortress and Orbital. Sorry, but I lost hope just looking at the stats.

Since GSD is getting a remaster, I’m still hoping for an MG Saviour because that’s the most popular among the MS in the first half of the series, even though its performance is beyond stellar. An MG Zaku warrior might be too much. I just want a Luna Maria Hawke one and I don’t care about its other variants. I’m not confident for an RG impulse. I personally think that RG SF and RF IJ is way more plausible.

For HGs in general, I can see more UC HGs more than the rest (except for HG remastered kits from Destiny). If ever the rumors are true, prepare for HGAC :)))))

One Response to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Idebenone Says:

    There goes my plan to buy RG Strike and RG Sky Grasper Sweet Astray Frame 2nd L in HG? NO WAY !HG Ez8! HG Ez8! Please show some X love too, Bandai! Give us Airmaster!

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