Gunpla Cereal Bowl Part 8

There are no exciting news lately because Bandai did announce many MG releases for this year already. So for most of the part, I’ll talk about my plans and where this blog is going towards to.

Let’s proceed with the only Gunpla news first.

MG Sinanju ver OVA

This is one of the most ridiculous milking strategy that Bandai has ever made. Seriously? Change the boxart, change the color of the armor parts a little, change the material of the inner frame, change the decals it comes with and slap the add-on bazooka = MG Sinanju OVA version. There are things that they could’ve improved and they are the ff:

1. Separate plastic parts for the gold trims.
2. Ball joint for the waist.
3. New thrusters. Those like Sinanju Stein’s.
4. Separate plastic part for the head.
5. 3.0 Hands

At first I was happy about the announcement and said to myself, I’ll definitely buy this. I’m quite sure Bandai has a surprise for us. Then I found out that #5 isn’t included. Ok, among the list, #5 is what I want the most to happen. #1 to 3 are  too wishful and doesn’t bother me if they didn’t add it. About #4, not that much. They could’ve make another plate and mold a new set. But then again, that’s too wishful too. 3.0 hands is a bit wishful, but still possible. Remember when they released Unicorn OVA? It still has the parts of old one but made a new runner specifically to replace the old parts to fix its problems. Giving 3.0 hands means they have to remold the weapons. But all they need to do is make a separate plate just for the handles to work with 3.0 hands. Then the instructions will instruct you to use the newer parts.

So what exactly this release is for? Plain milking. I don’t care if its inner frame is made with the new material. Who really cares about it that much anyway? But if you don’t have the MG Sinanju ver Ka yet, this is the one you should buy. Don’t bother about the decals of the verKa, you always buy the most recommended waterslide set, which is sadly rare already nowadays.

Anyway, I’m still gonna buy this 😛 (sounded like I’m a hypocrite)

MG Tallgeese II

I will not be getting this, however, I’m sad for the fans. This being online exclusive means they have to cash out more than they should (international fans). Let’s hope Tallgeese III won’t be an online exclusive. Thankfully, it comes with waterslides 🙂

Review Format

In the past, mostly, I have two sections. Review and Transcend. There’s a rare WIP part, but those aren’t really that helpful, IMO. Now, I added another part. The part that’s supposed to come in the middle or Review and Transcend. It’s actually a WIP, but it focuses on detailing the kit rather than just building it OOTB. Also, I added a navigation in each page, so that jumping into specific parts will be a lot easier. I wish there could be more easy way to do it, I do it manually. For now, I’ve been doing everything before I post. In the future, I’ll be posting section by section so it’ll be more effective.

Project Line-up

1. On Hold Builds

1. A. Project: MG 1/100 Justice

– I’m actually getting inspired to continue doing it everytime I see vegeta8259 do his OZ project. But for now, I still have other priorities. Hopefully, I will be able to do this, when Bandai decides not to release MG Justice anytime soon, this year.

1. B. RC 1/100 Nightingale

– You know the reason I got lazy here. It’s a difficult build. As of now, I think I already have enough patience to continue doing it. However, I’m leaning more towards Project MG 1/100 Justice more than this. Maybe after that one, then after 2-3 builds, then I’ll continue doing this.

1. C. MG Ballute System

– It’s demotivating that I bought this for no one. It’s intended for MG Marasai, but it looks good without this. Maybe some red MG that’s also compatible with the ballute system? Ehem for MG Rick Dias (Quattro’s)

2. Reviews WIP

2. A. HG Sinanju

– I already have a draft, but it ain’t complete, even as a draft, yet. I’ll be working on it, don’t worry.

2. B. NG 1/100 Nebular Blitz

– No drafts whatsoever, even though I have built this before HG Sinanju. Even the pics aren’t complete yet. So yeah, this will take a while. I think its review will even be latter than my next build post.

2. C. Fix Figuration Deep Striker

– It’s just sad, I lost a part of it. I still can make a review, but, prolly much later than Nebular Blitz’s.

3. On Hold Reviews

3. A. HG Dorado

– Lost two parts of it. I have some pics, but those won’t be enough to make a review. I have no plans of buying a new one, unless there’s a cheap 300 or lower anywhere, don’t care if it’s built, then I’ll grab that opportunity.

3. B. NG 1/100 Zaku Warrior (Luna Maria Hawke)

– I broke a part, you know that. Messed up some parts too. But unlike HG Dorado, this one has a higher chance of continuing.

4. Future Builds

4. A. MG Aegis

– This is the next in line and I’m sure that it is. Excited on doing this actually.

5. Next-in-line

RG Strike Rouge, RG Skygrasper, HG Drei, HG Genoace II, Gurren MK II, or MG Titus? I’m leaning more towards my future haul MG Core Booster (review only. I’ll build this once I get my hands of MG Victory). But among the choices, HG Genoace II seems mroe easire than HG Drei, because HG Drei requires a Tan type of paint, which I don’t have yet. I’m also considering RG Strike Rouge because it’s my first RG, but well..

For future hauls, you know already about MG Core Booster and MG Fin Funnel set (I love add-ons don’t I?). Besides that, I have my upcoming MG Zeta (Karaba), mwahaha!

For now, the next thing on my list will be MG Aegis. I’m actually thinking of doing

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