GET! Various hauls get…

I ordered these decals and came the day after. Of course, it’s just a city away, however, I don’t really have the time to get it because I’m busy so I shipped it instead. By the way, these are MG Aegis decals. Bought these at ColdFire Gundam, a local reseller of Bandai kits (and some third party kits and tools as well). These decals AREN’T BANDAI. These weren’t a special release or whatsoever. I don’t know where they get these, but these decals are a great improvement over my bast haul. You’ll get to know the reason why the moment I finish MG Aegis’ build. I bought two because I want a spare, you know what happened to my the last time I used them.

At last, I was able to get my hands on this baby! MG Zeta Gundam Karaba! It’s white and has pink accent, fits my taste if you’ll ask me. Pink has red, so go figure 😛 Though I’m so proud of this haul, minus the creases on the box (that’s so trivial and doesn’t really matter to me that much), I bought some stuffs as well. The usual, two (which I often buy three) cans of Tamiya Flat Clear. Lastly, I bought something new. The ready made panel wash of Tamiya! Well, I don’t think I’ll use this often, really. but I’m excited to try it out just to see how it works. So far, all the comments I’ve read are all positive.

2 Responses to “GET! Various hauls get…”

  1. darkandchoco Says:

    Wow I’ve never seen that MG Zeta Gundam Karaba.. looks interesting. =3

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