GET! Victorious Galactic Strike Freedom get…

By the name suggests, I had a pretty much a lot of haul. First up!

MG Core Booster! I know, I don’t have the MG Victory Gundam yet. Also, I should’ve gotten the package, MG V-dash instead; not just to save space, but also, from what I’ve heard, it had some issued fixed from MG Victory.

My reason was HLJ had a sale, so which I thought I could save some money if order to them. I didn’t know that some online resellers sells this for even cheaper price. Oh well, at least it’s not as expensive as I thought it would be.

This ain’t mine. Just wanna post this because I purchased this and I WILL BUILD this. This is a gift for my friend and I’m going to commish this for free. Even the decals. That’s how I treat my CLOSE friends 😛

I’m excited for this build since I LOVE SF’s design. I already know about this kits fault so I don’t think I’ll have major problems with this one.

Non gunpla related, but just wanna show this one

At last, a smartphone. My first actually. It has so many uses, specially for me working on an IT field. Glad to have this one!


Now, I’m currently doing another FREE COMMISH, which is an HG Qan[t] for my close friend. That is a different person though 😛 It’s a long due commish and this is the only time I had the chance to do it. It is kinda slow actually. Given that it’s an HG, sure, it poses a challenge because of its small size and many lacking details.

I will post my commish works (most likely, just reserve for my friends) on a different section, but its format will most likely be the same as on my reviews. Well, I think can review MG SF, minus the pictures for the parts.

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