Gunpla Cereal Bowl Part 9

We’ve got some tasty news recently and I want to talk about them. This post will also include my progress on the things I’m supposed to do and is currently doing.

For the news, I’m gonna post only those who caught my eye, as usual.

GFT HG Sazabi
GFT RG Char’s Zaku II

Isn’t excited about this cause I don’t have nay plans to get the RG anyway. But I have interest in the past in getting the HG Sazabi because the MG version sucks not until I had hopes of Sazabi ver Ka.

The only new thing that we can see at the images are the “stickers”. Other than that, nothing more. Details will be given later next month I think.

HG Messala

Oh Messala, at last! The only reason I mentioned it is because it’s violet, which is under the shade of red. But I have no plans on getting this one.

RG GP-01 and RG GP-01 FB

WOW! I’m happy for the RG fans since the FB because it’s not an exclusive release, which I’m afraid that it’ll be. What I’m wondering is that why would they release both at the same time and with the SAME PRICE? I can understand the same month release, but same price? If I’ll ever get one, I’ll get the FB version just because it has much more plastic and it looks cooler.

MG Crossbone X2 ver Ka

Bandai sure loves to release ver Ka kits recently. They must sell pretty well, that’s why. Anyway, this sure is a surprise and cam out of nowhere O.O

MG Age-2 Double Bullet

HOMG HOMG HOMG! I have lost faith that this well get a release but alas, Bandai will really actually release this kit! I’m so excited already! Now whatever happened to Age-3 Normal and Age-FX? The release of Age-3 Normal will actually give me some hope that someday, they will also release the Age-3 Orbital.

Future predictions

So far, none of my guesses got announced. Tsk tsk, but that’s good. Age-2 DB is a nice surprise for me. I’m still praying for MG Sazabi ver Ka and MG Strike Rouge HD

Where am I at now?

I’m still doing some finishing touch to my free commish, HG Qan[t]. Unfortunately, I got sick. Don’t want to risk anything that’s why I refuse to paint right now. Besides, it rained this afternoon, so no luck for me. What I did instead was to build MG Zeta Karaba. Oh yes, that’s gonna be my project for this coming holy week, altogether with some review write-ups that are long way due 😛

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