GET! Limited Kai get…

I have quite a lot of hauls lately. If you noticed, I keep on getting hauls not actually building nor finishing everything. The ratio of my hauls against the actual kits I get to build is greater. SO for now, I’ll try to restrain myself in getting new hauls (except for my upcoming one, that’s the last for the first half of the year)

Let’s begin with the regular haul.

You all know that I had this kit already and sold it because I messed it up. It’s one of my most favorite MGs out there, afar from the fact that it’s red. Now I can properly review this, make a build review and finally build it to its perfection.

Now for the limited ones.

I know, it’s funny that I have this, the MG Double Fin Funnel Set and yet, I still don’t have the MG Nu Gundam ver Ka. Well, that’s still good. This one is limited, but MG Nu ver Ka isn’t so I can get that baby anytime I want to. To tell you quite frankly, I only bought this one because of two following reasons. One, effect parts. This is the main reason. Lastly, extra set of waterslide decals. It comes with the exact same waterslide decal sheet that the original MG Nu ver Ka has. Nothing hurts if you have extra you know.

My first RD and it’s limited! Of course it’s red/pink. A trans-am version. How I wish this got an MG, but I doubt that they’ll ever release a trans-am version for this particular suit.

My hauls are rather expensive. I even bought supplies (4 cans of flat coat, 1 large can of gloss coat and 1 panel line accent marker (gray)). Yes, I need to take a break of hauling.

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4 Responses to “GET! Limited Kai get…”

  1. darkandchoco Says:

    I have gone through this phase of hauling a lot of kits but not accomplishing a kit. Good thing I have finally built almost all of my archived kits, I have 3 MGs left. XD

    • maknaedik Says:

      I have 3 MGs left, Titus, Char’s Zaku II 2.0 and Red Frame Kai (5 in total if you add the add-ons like Core Booster and Double Fin Funnel Set). Haven’t have more than that backlog for MGs. But I have quite plenty HGs left. May the gundams help us with our backlog endeavors, hahaha

      • darkandchoco Says:

        The main reason I haul becomes some kits are very popular and it’s hard to get them sometimes at our local hobby stores since people buy them right away and the store is left with no stocks of the kit that I want, I have to wait and ambush them to get the kit that I want haha!. (am not fond of pre-ordering lol).

      • maknaedik Says:

        You’ve got a point. I had some hauls because they’re limited and I don’t want to get them when they’re already so damn expensive.. But the rest are plainly because I want to, haha.

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