Gunpla Cereal Bowl Part 10

HG 1/144 Gerbera Tetra

An HG that’s long overdue. UC fans are rejoicing. I’m quite rejoicing because an HG release of this guy gave me hope for an MG version. Looks like Bandai is a bit focusing on Stardust memory releases lately because this will be release in July, same date with RG GP-01 and GP-01 FB. Is it getting a remaster or it already has one?

HG 1/144 Astray Red Frame Flight Pack

The old HG Blue Frame got an updated release which is the HG Astray Blue Frame 2L. Not the Red Frame, the lead, is also getting this treatment. Not a Kai version but a flight pack one. I actually like this version as well. Its pack is gorgeous and it comes with a BCUE head with beam sabers. It’s something unique and shows how the JUNK guild works 😛

This release is giving me a hope of an MG version. Now I’m sounding like nike/suiton.

MG 1/100 Age-2 DB

This was mentioned already but I just want to show you the updated pics. Now it’s colored and we will be getting a beam effect part for its sword on its shoulder. I appreciate it but it could have been better by giving us two versions. One is this and the other is a longer one. I think this version is just fine, but a longer one, as long as in the anime will really look cool.

MG 1/100 Marasai (Unicorn Color Version)

I actually have expected this release, but not this long. The original MG Marasai was released a year ago and most exclusives are released not long after. Sad part is that, this one is just a recolor. But what sets it apart from other exclusive recolors is that this comes with two new weapons. The Hambrabi rifle is awesome and cool, but the whip like grappler sure isn’t. Also, looking at the picture, looks like the Hambrabi rifle is just made up of two pieces, not an MG quality weapon. Of course I do hope that I’m wrong.

Now, for speculation time, since it will come with a Hambrabi beam rifle, will we get an MG Hambrabi as well? I think no and I hope not. I think the HG is good enough.

And now for the biggest announcement so far….

MG 1/100 Geara Doga

These are the grunts in CCA of Neo Zeon and not from the current running Unicorn. Though Geara Dogas also exist in Unicorn, those are sleeves version, having sleeve accents all over. This release isn’t what I expect. Totall unexpected. This made UC fans happy since this could mean something else, VARIATIONS.

For speculations, it’s obvious that we will be getting recolors for this and it’s been a trend lately for Bandai to release recolors as exclusives. A problem for us international gunpla consumers, but definitely not for Bandai and Japanese citizens. Geara Doga has some variations like blue color, sleeve version and I think there are couple of more. Not as much as Zakus though 😛 But, it has cousins as well. Based on the pic, the immediate grunt unit that I have thought of is Marasai. Seems like this was based on it. It also has the lighting gimmick, which is color pink; a very unusual color for a LED unit and is a first for Bandai.  Its cousins that has the possibility of being made to an MG are: Geara Zulu and Jagd Doga. Geara Zulu, I think, it closer to Geara Dogas more than Jagd Doga. If they go to the Geara Zulu route, I wish they make a Geara Zulu Angelo use and for Jagd Doga route, a Quess custom. But I have hopes having both to be made, it’s just that I’m not quite sure if they are going to be exclusives or not.

Where am I at now?

The long overdue HG Sinanju review isn’t quite done yet and I’m sorry for that. But I have finished HG Qan[t] free commish and MG Zeta Karaba, but not their write-ups. Again, I apologize. I’m hoping that I can finish them before May, or during May 1. Then I have plans of doing HG Genoace II, which I actually started already. Quite a good break from MGs I’ve done so far. For June, MG Titus perhaps and for July, MG Double Bullet.

2 Responses to “Gunpla Cereal Bowl Part 10”

  1. darkandchoco Says:

    Excited for the upcoming releases!! Gonna hurt wallets again. 😀

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