Stickers and Decals, How Do They Differ?

Articles I’ve read:

It’s the most common confusion to us if it’s really correct to call stickers as decals or decals as stickers. So which of the two are correct, are both wrong, and etc.

I’ve been working on gunplas for a long time already and even since, I call dry transfer and water slide as decals and foil and clear stickers as stickers. Based on those articles, I think I’m correct. But the question still remains, what’s their difference? Well, stickers are printed adhesive labels while decals are designs prepared on a special paper that were meant to be transferred. The reason why we call them water slide, it means you transfer it by sliding it away from the decal sheet using water and dry transfers by rubbing them on the surface you want them to transfer to. While stickers are also transferred from the sheet by peeling them off, they weren’t printed on a special paper. Also, decals are more flimsy. The applications between the two are also different, though two types of decals also differ in application.

Some say that decal is a kind of sticker and I kinda agree to that. Decals are also printed just like stickers. Therefore I conclude that all decals are stickers but not all stickers are decals. So the clear stickers on gunpla kits ARE NOT DECALS, they are just stickers, clear stickers to be specific.

Just made this post because whenever I see people calling stickers as decals, I can’t help but get errr, irritated a bit? But I keep it inside and it’s just small. It can be overlooked.

I hope this helps everyone out there.

3 Responses to “Stickers and Decals, How Do They Differ?”

  1. chubbybots Says:

    What about those with the green color backing? To me they are kinda of like between stickers and decals haha..

    • maknaedik Says:

      They are just stickers as well. I personally think that most people treat clear stickers as decals because design and look wise, they don’t differ at all.

  2. decals stickers Says:

    At first I was also kinda confused the difference between decals and stickers not until I do some research. You are right that all decals are stickers but not all stickers are decals. And I am happy with your share since it gives clarification to others the differences of the two.

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