GET! Duck Decals get…

Hauls again, yes, I know. I’m kinda spending a lot lately and I should stop, but I think I can’t right now O.O

The duck is the HG Clanche. The MG SF decal is for the MG SF of my friend, a free commish that I’m excited to do! The decal for Zeta is for my Zeta, as for those who read my build review for it, you already know that.

Upcoming haul: an RD

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2 Responses to “GET! Duck Decals get…”

  1. chubbybots Says:

    Lol duck clanche…didn’t see it that way till you mention it 😛

  2. darkandchoco Says:

    hahaha now that you mentioned it.. clanche does look like a duck.. XD nice hauls!! Gotta love those water slides! 😀

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