(Edited) Gunpla Cereal Bowl 11: RG vs MG

I would like to point out, RGs and MGs shouldn’t be compared in the first place. Why? Because they are different. MGs, by default, are model kits in 1/100 scale that has inner frame. That’s the basic meaning of it, however, they have evolved through years and they were basically better versions of their anime counterpart. Well, some are anime accurate *looks at MG RX-78-2 2.0*. Strike Freedom doesn’t have gold inner frame exposed when it deploys its dragoons. Infinite Justice only has a single thrusters at each wing on its backpack, but has two on its MG. Newer Seed MGs aren’t faithful in the anime as well. But at least they are close. There are also a line called ver Ka. It means it was designed by Hajime Katoki. Just Google him. Anyway, his designs are always not anime accurate, that’s for sure. The only designs he made that made in the anime are the MS in Gundam Wing Endless Waltz.

RGs on the other hand are definitely not anime accurate. It even strays farther than the ver Ka line. Having two/three color tones. Meaning having 3 kinds of white (white, grayish white and dark grayish white). It has tons of panel lines and markings. They are funky looking. I disagree that they are stylized if Google’s definition is correct. So whenever I see a comment complaining that the RG is not anime accurate, I just can’t help but get annoyed. I mean, why are you looking for something that doesn’t exist on a kit?

EDIT: I would also like to point out that just because a kit is more detailed, doesn’t mean it’s more awesome. It’s like saying that girls with THICK and lots of make-up are better looking than girls who wears less or no make-up at all. Of course, this comparison is maybe kinda debatable, but it makes sense. Point is, what’s better depends on ones taste. I appreciate highly detailed kits most specially the modded ones! Yes, creations of DC23, Toymaker and the likes.

Now with the announcement of MG RX-78-2 3.0, I just can’t help but feel sad. I mean, RG in 1/100 scale? Well, there are those who refuse to believe that it’s an RG in 1/100 scale, but maybe they are correct by their own definition, but MOST say that it is. MG Nu ver Ka has two tones, however, it is a ver Ka, NOT a regular release so that’s fine. But this? Now what makes RG different from MG? Scale? Just the scale? Okay fine, let them have it their way. However, how about future releases? Are all the future releases will have this funky look? I don’t hate RG, I like RGs actually. But when ask what I prefer, MG it will definitely be. I have said this in FB, animesuki forums and even in GG’s blog: They should’ve made a new line instead of bringing RGs funkiness in the MG line. Aside from aesthetic complaints, I think Bandai is getting lazy. I know, they are working hard, but the issue here is that they keep on milking us. Well, that makes sense in business perspective. However, this is too much. For this year alone, only Jesta and Tallgeese are the new ones, I mean, a new mold and everything. Sinanju OVA and Sinanju Stein ver Ka came from Sinanju ver Ka, Rezel Type-C came from Rezel, Strike HD came from Strike 1.0 + inner frame of new GAT MGs. There are lots of MGs out there that deserves a 2.0, but here is Bandai already releasing a 3.0. This makes me think, oh, for the next 2 years, maybe they’ll be releasing a 4.0. Gunpla is now becoming like a gadget. Maybe the time will come that RX-78-2 will have several versions and gets updated per year. *sigh*

Let’s go on the news proper, shall we?

MG 1/100 RX-78-2 3.0

Sucks for me who wants RG and MG to be different.

HG 1/144 Caletvwlch

I really love this sword, however, it’s an exclusive. I’m a 1/100 scale fan so I would appreciate if this later on be made in MG.

HG 1/144 Zogok

Oh my! A red kit ❤ Well, I’m currently out of space that’s why I’m restricting myself form getting HGs.

HG 1/144 Gerbera Tetra

Now that I see its colored prototype, I can’t help but notice its red. It looks, dull? I think it should’ve been more vibrant. Even though I wanna get this, I won’t :3

HG 1/144 Gold Frame Amatsu Mina Custom

Immediately when I saw this I said, “OH MY! Gold frame, then they’ll be doing the MG Nebular Blitz next?” Well nope, this is just an HG. Though the details are good, it makes you think that this one is an MG. But still, this gives me a hope of an MG Gold Frame Amatsu. If there will be, maybe I’ll buy or not? Depending on the circumstances. I’ll just salvage its weapons and wings and put it to blitz then paint it red to make it MG Nebular Blitz 😛

Well, the biggest announcement so far is the 3.0, but I’m not satisfied. For me, MG Strike HD is a bigger news than this 😦

2 Responses to “(Edited) Gunpla Cereal Bowl 11: RG vs MG”

  1. Yggdrasil Labyrinth Says:

    They’re quite different in assembling technology. Up till now there’s tons of MS that hart to recreate with current MG technology, others too small to be released on RG 1/144 (V2 for example). I don’t despise bringing 3.0 as the entrance for newer technological development to bring forgotten MS’s to MG line. I kinda disagree with MG being focused on anime accurate or something like that. IMO HG 1/144 or 1/100 (some called this NG) are better to represent anime-accurate gunpla designs, since they don’t need inner frame and less stricted to mechanical aspect.

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