(GCB: Part 12) Gundam Build Fighters, The Reaction


This has got to be the most anticipated announcement that most Gundam fans has been waiting for. The excitement for a new series, to make-up for what Gundam Age has done (but that’s debatable of course), has builded-up and now, finally, a new series has been announced. I originally intended not to make such post because this post is INTENDED to answer back to people who complain without legit reasons (and this is of course debatable again).

With the series announcement comes of course the gunpla line-up. It has been revealed that they’ll be releasing 4 initial units. All 4 of them are inspired from an MS of an existing timeline. The main protagonist came from CE; the Zaku, obviously, came from UC, specifically from 0079; the green Wing Gundam with asymmetric design came from AC; and finally the Gundam X with non-satellite wings from AW. And other two packs in which one is yet another striker pack and the other is a Zaku pack. Yeah you heard me right, a Zaku pack. This series was meant for kitbashing which of course, generates income for Bandai because in order to do that, you have to buy more than one kit. Most of the time, two kits aren’t that good so it’ll be more than just one. Well, whatever, I like the Strike one so that’s good.

With these line-up, one could say that it’s a weak one, however, the GREATEST NEWS EVER for all Gundam fans has also been revealed. Wing fans has been longing for new 1/144 HGs from AC and I would like to congratulate them for receiving HG 1/144 Wing Gundam TV ver, the first in the line-up. Not just that, they’ll be releasing HGs starting from RX-78-2 up to Age-1 Normal (I think up to Age-FX). That includes Alex, F91, Vitory and so forth that doesn’t have any HG yet. In short, we’ll be receiving all HG for all lead Gundams from start to finish. Of course the question is, will they release non-leads as well? Well, who knows, but I speculate that they won’t. Leads are more profitable. One could also wonder, are they going to re-release HG 1/144 Age-1 Normal? Amm… that’s like just 2 years ago? So will it be remastered or anything like that? I obviously don’t know. But the impression I’m getting based on the boxart of HG 1/144 Wing Gundam Tv ver, it’ll be in the line of HGUC (the line that also includes Gundam X, G Gundam and so on from other series but they take spot on the line), so if ever they’ll be issuing those again, I bet they’ll be included in HGUC line-up as well. That would be funny seeing Seed in the line-up. Again, I speculate that they won’t do that. Instead, they’ll be only making kits and add them to the HGUC line-up if they don’t yet exist. If they ever make a new HG 1/144 Strike with new molds and everything, then me (let’s pretend that I’m a big Strike fan) who bought an HG Perfect Strike will feel cheated. They can’t do new molds for my HG 1/144 Perfect Strike even for an HG 1/144 Strike RM but they can for the sake of this series? Oh well.. For me, this is the best move Bandai has ever made, not only will it make a lot of people happy since it’ll be across timelines, but also marketable as leads sells more. It’s also an excuse for Bandai to release kits for series that currently doesn’t air like X, Victory and so on. I’m really hopefully that only leads gets released. But if they ever do release others, then I don’t care as I’m an MG collector so that doesn’t affect me a bit, haha!

As for my expectation for the show, I see it like Kamen Rider Decade or Gokaiger wherein past heroes, in this case Gundams, are all in one universe. Of course, it won’t be like those who doesn’t follow a logic. This one will all have those suits as Gunplas an nothing else. I feel like I’ll enjoy this.

Now for the complaints I’m seeing so far. One, another childish series. Got a problem with that? Don’t watch. Complaining or whining helps you release stress, but it won’t change Bandai’s mind, unless you do a online petition to remove the series or anything like it. What’s wrong with childish series anyway? Answer, most Gundam fans don’t like it. Since most Gundam fans are already grown-ups, from UC to X, they’ve been used to series with matured content. As for Gundam Age, only the art is kiddy, but story wise, NOT! Sure, its character development and some other stuff failed, but as I’ve said, only the art is kiddy. In defense, kiddy series are meant for kids, if you’re an adult and if you think you can’t enjoy a kiddy series, then don’t watch. Bandai isn’t making a series for you alone, it’s for everyone. Kids, adults, girl, boy, man, lady, dogs.. nope, no dogs. But you get what I mean. If Bandai keeps on making series for adults, then Gundam fanbase will die. We get old and die. They need knew recruits, younger ones who’ll get old. But mind you, I’m not saying that they must keep on satisfying younger fans ONLY. Bandai must be able to satisfy the needs of everyone. So there’s Gundam Age, Gundam BF (initially looks like one), SD and the like for younger ones and UC timeline for the older ones. So where am I at? In the middle. I’ve enjoyed Age, specially the second season (I’m really looking forward on Asemu right from the beginning only because of his hair alone, haha. Good thing he turned out to be a badass pilot until the end).

The next complaint is a general one not just for Gundam, but applies to every show: “This show sucks!”. Saying it without even trying to watch it is like err, I don’t even know. A friendly advice even though I’m not your friend, watch it first then if it still sucks like you claim, or let’s say you are enjoying it secretly, but you pride won’t let you admit it, then that’s the time you have the right to say that you authentically HATE IT! I respect haters that knows what they hate. Of course, the same thing goes for love. Watching the PV makes me think that it won’t be as bad as they think, if it really will become one. I’m actually excited. This anime will give an opportunity for crossovers between timeline which most Gundam fans has been debating. Of course, pilots aren’t included.

Lastly, most people are comparing this series to regular ones. I meant, Unicorn, Seed and the like. This is NOT to be done at ALL COST! Why are you comparing a series of newtypes vs normals and REAL ROBOT WARS to a Gunpla Building series?! It’s like comparing it to SD series. It’s like Apples to Bananas. Both are fruit, but they aren’t the same kind. Both series have Gundams, but they aren’t the same kind.

5 Responses to “(GCB: Part 12) Gundam Build Fighters, The Reaction”

  1. chubbybots Says:

    Every new series brings about a new set of whiners. For one I love gunpla builders and I am very looking forward to this series! We already have unicorn and the gundam origin for the mature stuff anyways…

    • maknaedik Says:

      I’m excited about the ending of Unicorn, even though I already know who’s gonna fight who, they might actually change some. Who knows.

      As for The Origin, maybe I’m the only one who isn’t eager to watch it? But who knows, I thought Unicorn was just an ordinary UC show, but it got me really hooked! My curiosity for Laplace Box is the main culprit. Sure, I’ll watch it as well. However, I think it’s gonna be just like Unicorn, having separated into parts instead of having a 50 episode anime. I see it that way more. I think there will be a new series by 2015 already.

  2. darkandchoco/暗いとチョコ Says:

    I’m eager to see the latest tv series! I have watched all the series and I have complaints, I even like the AGE and the builders movie. 🙂 Even though most of us are adults that “think” they always want mature content, some of us are still kids at heart and enjoy a nice kiddy anime, anyway I like anything gunpla haha! Yeah you’re right, people shouldn’t complain especially if they haven’t experienced or watched first hand the series itself. I’m really excited to see different lead MS in action in one anime!! 😀

    • maknaedik Says:

      When I watched Kamen Rider Decade back then, I can’t helped but get hyped because of the fan service they’ve been generously giving. Maybe they’ll do the same here, but more subtle and not forcing anything.

      I’m excited for the show and new units. And maybe, it’ll have red MGs mwahaha!

    • Yggdrasil Labyrinth Says:

      I actually like gunpla builder since they have decent main char ms, but this one is ridiculous. Kitbashing “bad” MS’s (arguable, I just hate strike and freedom, and also strike freedom-well basically almost all SEED MS’s) to make a worse one, with unbalanced color scheme and another silly backpack. The only thing that attracts me is X Maou, hopefully it would get many airtime it deserve.

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