GET! Packs get…

Yes, more hauls again. No recent builds nor reviews. It’s such a shame. I’m sorry.

I got this with the hopes of an MG Strike Rouge RM coming out. Un/forunately, It’ll be released with Ootori (Phoenix) Pack instead.I can’t recreate Perfect Strike Rouge anymore. Oh well, now I’m having second thoughts as to whether I’ll keep this pack or not.

MG Double Bullet, oh yeah! It’s not dominantly red, just like Sword Impulse (but SI is a lot better as it has more red than this one), but I still consider this one as a red one. Besides, it’s got a big box, which is odd since the first two Age-2 MGs only has the smaller ones. This one packs a punch, make it double 😛

Another figure!! I gotta say that I love this more than the GN-IV Trans-am version as it has more gimmicks and it’ll have an additional pack that’ll be released later this year.


I’m currently doing a free commish for my friend, which some of you might have guessed it already. It’s no other than MG Strike Freedom and I’m about halfway done.

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