GET! I’m back, sort of, get..

WELCOME BACK, myself! Since I went on hiatus, this haul post will be bigger than usual! However, they aren’t as much as you think. More on MGs and whatnot. By the way, this is in no particular order.

Yeah, that’s me. The bloated guy in Gundam Front Tokyo. You’ll surely gain weight in Japan as food’s quality is good and plenty, though very pricey.

Let’s start with my Japan hauls. Yes, I went to Japan to visit my friend. I’m together with my other friends as well. He migrated in Japan because his father is Japanese. He helped us a lot while we’re there, so thank you my friend. We’ll surely be back next year. And now for the hauls proper:

MG Strike Rouge Ootori RM. Since the release of MG Strike RM, I’ve already been anticipating the release of Strike Rouge. Actually, I was expecting a P-Bandai release instead of a regular one like what they did with its RG release. However, they made it a regular release so that’s good. However, I’ve been holding back in buying one because I’m saving up on my said Japan trip. So when I got there and knew that my expenses won’t be as much, I bought 3 kits in total and this is one of it.

Next Japan haul, MG Victory ver Ka. You know that I already have the MG Core Booster ver Ka and this is the missing piece. So I got it there. But thinking about it, I should’ve bought the MG V-dash set and just sold the MG Core Booster instead in order to save space.

Sad note here is that I still can’t start doing this because I don’t want to mess this kit up. For me, having a WS decal sheet is a must.

My last haul for myself, MG Nu Gundam ver Ka GFT. I know, like Victory, it ain’t red. But at least its psychoframe is. Like MG Victory ver Ka, this is too good to pass up. Now I’m thinking, maybe I’m a sucker for ver Ka kits. Bought this one in Gundam Front Tokyo ❤

Now you can truly say that I’m a sucker for ver Ka kits, right? MG Banshee ver Ka FBV. Again, totally not red but still I got it regardless. I love its gold decals and pretty much that’s it. I can’t believe that I got this even before MG Unicorn OVA, LOL!

BTF’s dfjdsbfds sword (because I can’t pronounce it properly) for MG Astray Red Frame. I got this because it’s way too cool! However, I’m thinking of reselling this as I can only have one MG RF and I’d choose Kai over this one. I can have two maybe, but that’s gonna eat up space.

MG Destiny Imuplse Regenes! Oh yeah! I really love the pink and magenta (if it’s really magenta) color combination in this kit. At the first glance of the kit’s mech art details, it’s still in color blue, though I wanted it red because for some reason, I want to get one. Thankfully, Bandai did change it to a red shade so yeah, bought it.

RD Testament and RD Extreme Gundam Option Set for figure hauls. Damn, damn and damn! The option set is glorious ❤

Now for the other things like my comeback. I’m not entirely back. I’d still had lots of pending posts that I haven’t actually posted. But the thing I’ve only remembered is my free commish for SF. Sadly, the pictures are gone so, that will be scrapped.

I’m still thinking as to whether I should write a review for my Nu Gundam ver Ka GFT. I have some pics for it, however, I’ve already built it, topcoated and in final pose so I don’t think I can’t provie anymore pics. But I have my nitpicks over it so, at best, maybe a short review.

2 Responses to “GET! I’m back, sort of, get..”

  1. darkandchoco/暗いとチョコ Says:

    Oh man, those are all exciting hauls! 😀

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