Welcome to my blog, redblondemean.

By the way, I’m Justine Sinel, from the Philippnines.

I’m your average modeler which knows how to do VERY BASIC modifications (filling gaps, putting metal thrusters, modifying shape of armor pieces), nubmark removal, removing seamlines, topcoating and painting (using both spraycans and AB), panel lining, decaling and some other basic skills that I forgot to mention. As a modeller, I’m kinda hasty, specially at the end of the build or I have a time constraint, so that’s the time where I mess up. I still got a lot of things to learn.

I’m a hobbyist/modeller that builds/collects RED models/figures. May it be Gundam, Kamen Rider and anything related to it. Just to be clear, red isn’t my favorite color. It just so happened that I chose “red” to collect so I’ll have a focus and won’t go buying everything out there. Sort of to control myself, unless of course it’s too irresistible. When I say RED, it means any color that has the shade of red, so orange, violet, purple and pink fits the category. The reason why I chose red among all colors out there is because, amm, it’s a long story, but to keep it short, it’s my mom’s favorite color and the models I bought first are reds.

My main priority are 1/100 scales, particularly, Master Grades. In the absence of the said grade, that’s when I jump to No Grades, followed by High Grades, in which both are still in 1/100 scale. Next are RGs, followed by HG 1/144s.

The reason behind the alias “redblondemean” is after Char. He pilots red suits (except for Zeong and Hyaku Shiki), he is blonde (and most of the masked antagonists are) and he is mean??? Well, one could argue that he is not. I should’ve changed it into something else, but it’s too late so I’ll leave it as is.

The purpose of this blog is too help people through my reviews of said model/figure. Also through my build reviews (which is new to my blog). Though I don’t think I’m helping a LOT, actually, just a few. Also my purpose is to share my work, let the hobby be known to everyone and encourage people to do the same.

I got inspired by Z of Gunpla-Inochi‘s blog. Notice the layout resemblance. He is not a pro modeller nor he’s trying to be. He’s just a casual modeller and for what he aims to be, he’s one of the best, if not the best out there. His blog is tons of fun and that is something I can’t nor aiming to do. I want to be more technical, but with a hint of wit (which I’m still unable to do up to now).

I have a humble amount of collection right now, which some I was unable to do a review of because I made them prior to the creation of this blog or just got lazy doing one.

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