GET! Extravaganza get…

Long time no haul? NOPE! A big no. I’m just waiting for the main one so that I can post them altogether.

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GET! I’m back, sort of, get..

WELCOME BACK, myself! Since I went on hiatus, this haul post will be bigger than usual! However, they aren’t as much as you think. More on MGs and whatnot. By the way, this is in no particular order.

Yeah, that’s me. The bloated guy in Gundam Front Tokyo. You’ll surely gain weight in Japan as food’s quality is good and plenty, though very pricey.
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GET! Packs get…

Yes, more hauls again. No recent builds nor reviews. It’s such a shame. I’m sorry.

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GET! Duck Decals get…

Hauls again, yes, I know. I’m kinda spending a lot lately and I should stop, but I think I can’t right now O.O

The duck is the HG Clanche. The MG SF decal is for the MG SF of my friend, a free commish that I’m excited to do! The decal for Zeta is for my Zeta, as for those who read my build review for it, you already know that.

Upcoming haul: an RD

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GET! Limited Kai get…

I have quite a lot of hauls lately. If you noticed, I keep on getting hauls not actually building nor finishing everything. The ratio of my hauls against the actual kits I get to build is greater. SO for now, I’ll try to restrain myself in getting new hauls (except for my upcoming one, that’s the last for the first half of the year)

Let’s begin with the regular haul.

You all know that I had this kit already and sold it because I messed it up. It’s one of my most favorite MGs out there, afar from the fact that it’s red. Now I can properly review this, make a build review and finally build it to its perfection.

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GET! Victorious Galactic Strike Freedom get…

By the name suggests, I had a pretty much a lot of haul. First up!

MG Core Booster! I know, I don’t have the MG Victory Gundam yet. Also, I should’ve gotten the package, MG V-dash instead; not just to save space, but also, from what I’ve heard, it had some issued fixed from MG Victory.

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GET! Various hauls get…