GET! Multiple acquisition get…

It’s been A LONG TIME! There are sooo many things happened in my life and we’ll never get done if I tell them all. Anyway, what’s more important is that I’m back. Well, not really as active as before, but I’ll try to. I’m still busy studying piano, with my work and watching some series.

I instantly went bankrupt after my recent purchases. Most of it went to my new bag and a jacket, which I don’t need at all but it looks too good for me to pass. Anyway, for gundam related purchases. I’ve got the following. Let’s start with the best already.

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GET! Waterslides get…

This is not a gunpla haul but waterslides hauls. I bought two which took 1 month to arrive. When the seller told me that my order already came, he asked whether I’m available for meet-up. I specifically remembered that I had him ship it. Seems like that text message is a broadcast so for those who preferred shipment over meet-up will also receive it. My answer was kinda mean, HAHA! Anyway, here they are. Water slides for MG Red Frame Kai and MG Epyon.

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GET! Deep Striker get…

At long last, I’ve already got my hands in to this goody. It’s a very rare and very expensive figure. The Fix Figuration Deep Striker! Man, sure this one is going to be VERY BIG!

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GET! Non-red get…

Can you guess what this is? Clue, it’s pretty much a small box.

But nevermind.

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GET! Multiple acquisition get…

It’s been a while since I posted something. Now, it’s yet again, another haul of mine. I know, the promised review of mine is long overdue, but well, I’ll be throwing a surprise this weekend to, somewhat, compensate with my lack of posts.

Anyway, here are my VERY AWESOME hauls for March/April.

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GET! Lelouch get…

At last, my most awaited figure of all time. The GEM 1/8 Lelouch Vi Britannia by Megahouse. It’s indeed PRICEY, but nevertheless, worth it.

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GET! HLJ 2 and 4 get…

I once again ordered things from HLJ. I regret getting them, seriously. If you read some of my other posts, you’ll know why. Anyway, I ordered them separately. That’s the reason for having a separate box for each. I got the first one from our post office using SAL. It arrived for about 29 days. Almost a month. Well, consider it a month. I ordered the other one using EMS because I want it to arrive ASAP.

These are the boxes, as you can see. One is through EMS and the other is through SAL. I’m definitely going for SAL the next time, though it’ll take more time to arrive. But it might actually take LONG before I order through them again.

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GET! Figures get..

Have you figured what my hauls are? (lame pun intended) I ordered an SH Figuart from HLJ, which I regret doing. Also, it haven’t arrived yet. Since it’s Christmas season, I went to GTO (Greattoys Online) and bought some stuff. Originally I planned to get SH Figuarts Heat Joker and Heat Trigger, which is the “heat” set. I also wanted to get an SHCM Pro upon seeing the review of RX-78-2 on YT. Since I’m a red collector, I’m thinking what to get between the two: Unicorn and Char’s Zaku. The most obvious answer would be Char’s Zaku since it’s definitely red and Unicorn is only somewhat red when it’s in its destroy mode. But, I already have an MG Char’s Zaku 2.0, and it’s not my favorite that having two will be just fine. So yeah, I have thought of Unicorn, but it’s price is just….. too much. So I ended up getting Char’s Zaku. But I plan on getting Unicorn someday next year. I went to see some more reviews in TY and found out that the SH Figuarts Heat Joker and Heat Trigger comes with the effect part for the Heat Metal, which made me want to buy it more. Then last night, I browsed around GTO FB page. I found their new shipments and I saw something which made my eye big. I found SH Figuarts Ryuki. My mind wasn’t able to still decide even when I’ already at the shop. I’m still pondering what to buy. But in the end, I bought these two:

I’m very happy that I bought SH Figuarts Ryuki, though it had some scratches. But I’m not really sure about the SHCM Pro. The box is just, well, in not good condition. But I got it in a very good price. So I guess that made it equal. What I somewhat regret is getting the limited effect part for SH Figuarts Tajadoru combo.

I’ll of course review them. Though it’ll be a lot different since they are figures. I had no choice but to pick figures recently because of my condition. But I came to the doctor early this day and said that I can do it (paint kits) for as long as I’m properly masked. I still have two more reviews coming up, that’s why I can’t really start with the review of these two, though those will be short ones, VERY.

GET! Mixed Hauls get…

I’ve already got my LBX and so far, I love them. I had open the box to see what’s inside, and so far, they look nice. Plenty clear effect parts, some even comes with a stand. What’s disappointing is the number of stickers. But of course, I’m not forgetting that this thing is a board game of some kind? Nah, I don’t think I’ll ever play that unless forced, LOL!

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GET! Gundam DX Collection Series 8 and 9 get..

This is rather an unusual buy to me. I’m a RED gunpla collector and this is made of rubber, except of course its stand. I really didn’t like the HG 1/144 because I find them small, though I have some, but I’m buying not just one box, but two of these small 1/400 scaled gashapon. The real reason of me buying this is because I find them cute. I started get fond of them when I saw stryderprime of Youtube having some of these. The detail are good for its scale and these really caught my eye.

I ordered these cuties from HLJ using my older sister’s credit card. Yeah, she’s that good to lend me hers knowing that her credit card info will be saved in my HLJ account, LOL! I got these for about 3.5k PHP in total. That, of course, is EXPENSIVE. But really, I think I got what I want. I really have no choice since there were no local buyers of it nor resellers sell them.

I have opened two boxes and will post the details maybe next weekend. I really want to have a goodshot of the boxes and the gashapons.