HG 1/144 OO Qan[t] (FREE)

1. Introduction

I already have an HG Qan[t] and felt that even though it looks good, it’s still messy. If I have an opportunity to do it again, then it will be this. It’s a free commish for my friend, I have no intention nor right to demand a pay. My works aren’t pro-like no near those.

Anyway, this build is simple, as usual, an OOTB color build. This time, without a single decal. Just details up some parts, with some modes (like filling some gaps with putty and seamline removal).

2. Build

First things first, seamline removal. Nubmark removal can be done concurrently. Also, holes and gaps will be covered using putty.

I started of with the shield while putting some putty on the feet as well. Masking it was kinda difficult. Should have painted the gray first before the blue one. There are also some excess paints due to poor masking. As usual, I’ve made use of masking tape / sol method. A method for lazy beings like me.

I continued doing the feet next. Painted the gray parts, even underneath. Now it looks way better than what I did the last time. I painted the red using RJ London’s “Signal Red”.

I kinda messed up the leg, I accidentally cemented the legs in the wrong way. Ironically, I already sealed it the first time, then realized that I placed it the wrong way and immediately corrected it. The stupid part is that I placed it the same way. STUPID ME! I realized this when I already finished painting the legs. This is the biggest fail I have my entire gunpla life! For the clear parts, I painted them with Bosny’s Honda Green. Well, I haven’t though that it will have a rough finish. I was disappointed at first, but I liked the effect later on. Damn, they’re good! But if you want a clean finish, then paint it from underneath and not from its surface.

Waist is very easy! No missing paint apps nor modifications done here. Just pure panel line.

The torso is just the same, it’s just that I painted the back part, specifically the center piece, with chrome.

Arms are rather easy to do despite its size. I didn’t do any masking here so it’s pretty straight forward.

Now for the head, I trimmed the v-fin a bit. Sealed it as well. Painted missing paint apps. Oh by the way, I forgot to mention that I painted every blue part on this kit with a new blue to be consistent. Another stupid thing, I was trying to mask the eye stickers using masking sol. Like I expected, it didn’t work. I was trying to remove the masking sol using blue tac and that’s when the eye sticker got lost. It went with the masking sol that my blue tac is trying to remove. So I painted the eyes instead. Something I’m so lazy of doing.

And now for the full saber, hmm.. I was kinda lazy at this point because it’s so overwhelming. Lots of gaps to cover, seamlines to remove and most specially masking to do. So I delayed it for two weeks and did my Zeta first. But before I went on a break, I already sealed the seamlines and covered the gaps except the cleaning part. After which, I finished everything in a day, that I can’t believe myself. It came with only a single color, which is blue. Now I have to paint everything, even the blue itself to be consistent. It also has gray and white parts. Masking failed for most of the parts, but remedied those by cleaning excess paints by either using gundam makrers (which didn’t really work according to what I want) or slightly scratching them away using sanding sponge. Both didn’t really help that much, but still did.


Done side by side while watching Walking Dead Season 3

Moar while watching

My favorite pose!

3. Conclusion

I was generally happy at the result. Though it’s kinda sad that the paint is too thick. Main reason is because I used industrial paint. Even though I used a Tamiya nozzle, it’s still not enough to make the paint thinner. I definitely love this build more than my first Qan[T], my very own. If this only had decals, then this would’ve been EVEN MORE badass!

I’m now looking forward in building my friend’s MG Strike Freedom. I’m just afraid on how to paint the gold parts.

4 Responses to “HG 1/144 OO Qan[t] (FREE)”

  1. chubbybots Says:

    Thats a lot of work even for a free commish! Nice OOB!

  2. darkandchoco Says:

    Nice build! 🙂 I’ve had the same experience using industrial paints, they are really thick if you spray near the part. XD

    • maknaedik Says:

      I didn’t spray that near, but it’s still quite thick. I blame it on the topcoat. I sprayed two-three because I don’t like the finish XD

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